Friday's Tempo review of "For Greater Glory," the current film about a popular revolt against religious persecution, sniffs that the Cristeros fought for religious liberty "only for Catholics, apparently." I doubt that the filmmakers intended any deliberate slight to, say, the Buddhists of 1920's Mexico, if there were any.

But modern Tibetan Buddhists would quickly recognize the film's real message — what happens when government attempts to suppress religion. They learned that lesson from Chinese communists, as Christians have learned it from communists, fascists and socialists over the years.

America's Catholic bishops are learning a similar lesson from the Obama administration: Go along with my policies even when they force you to work against your consciences or suffer the consequences.

The bishops aren't going along. Many who are not themselves Catholic have spoken up in their support. They do so out of charity and concern for the Constitution, but also because they know instinctively what Americans must learn from history, the same lesson that Andy Garcia's character comes to learn in "For Greater Glory": Any government that seeks to take God's place will soon find itself making laws that force its citizens to choose between God and government. — Jim Savage, Jacksonville

With all the keening and rending of garments about Romney's tax returns and his tenure at Bain Capital, why has no one mentioned that Reid and Pelosi are among a majority of Congress who refuse to submit any of their tax returns? Reid said Romney was "unfit to be dogcatcher" and Pelosi said he was "unfit to serve in Congress" (Newsmatch, July 18, Patrick Hobin).

Question 2: Why has no one brought up the fact that Obama has taken contributions from Bain Capital during the years 1999 to 2001 and again in 2004, 2006 and 2008?

Finally there's the statute within Obamacare that Medicare Advantage premiums will be substantially increased and major cuts in coverage will take effect after the election. This has been hidden from the public because Obama needs the senior population to support his re-election. The GAO is "concerned" about hiding these facts but apparently not enough to bring it to the public. — Pat Butler, Medford

I've been hearing about the 1 percent for far too long now. Why stop at 1 percent? How about 5 percent or 10 percent? That would be some real cash.

Perhaps 10 percent gets a little too close for some of the folks in Ashland and Jacksonville. It's wrong to turn Americans against Americans for any reason. It's childish and petty, like the kid who whines when the neighbor kid has a better bike, or the sibling who gets more ice cream. This pettiness is beneath us.

Did I just say that the president of the United States was childish and petty? Well, I guess I did. — Steve Wiley, Gold Hill

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