Sixty days ago, when gasoline prices were rising, the GOP put the blame squarely on the president. Now, with prices falling, I haven't heard those same GOP voices crediting President Obama. Seems unfair, doesn't it? — Mike Mooney, Ashland

Anyone who doesn't recognize President Obama as a Marxist ideologue who has no respect for the Constitution, the rule of law and the American people and who is bent on "transforming" our republic into some form of egalitarian state that has never existed anywhere in the history of the world has not been paying attention to what has been happening for the past three-and-a-half years.

This is a hateful person who misrepresents what he says and does. He is a deceitful liar yet the mainstream media refused to vet him properly when he was a candidate and continue to support his administration. But a historian and biographer sympathetic to his administration, David Maraniss, recently published a book ("Barack Obama: The Story") that debunks most of the claims Obama made in his autobiography, "Dreams from my Father," as elaborations, distortions or outright fabrications.

Even the New York Times has been critical of the president. Maybe, finally, the truth will come out about this evil and destructive man. If you supported this man in the last election, I urge you reconsider what he has done and where he is taking us. This country has had enough of President Obama. — Samuel Glidewell, Medford

The Feast of Will might be the best possible thing for the Shakespeare Festival, but is it really good for Ashland? Every year the big, beautiful meadow just inside Lithia Park is closed to the public for the last month of spring to prepare the lawn for the Feast of Will, a one-day event. What wonderful advertising for the Shakespeare Festival, and what a grand way to open the tourist season. But at what cost to the public?

This meadow is the only public place in downtown Ashland free of noise and commercialism, a cool haven on a hot day. But no, every year Shakespeare takes over this grand public meadow, denying the public access for the last month of spring. The signs always say "Closed for Feast of Will" — this year they say "closed for renovation." It's all theater.

But no ... it's Ashland, it's our park, not the Shakespeare Festival's — Ashland's most profitable business.

Who makes this decision? Why aren't we, the public, asked if we think it's a good idea? How long will we be pacified, numbed and misled by this pretense and our self-imposed helplessness? Is anybody paying attention? — Randy Dolinger, Ashland

Bias was evident in the May 20 comparison of the policy positions of Obama and Romney from McClatchy Newspapers. On energy policy, it stated that Obama "has championed federal investments in clean energy research," "imposed stricter mileage standards" and pertaining to the Keystone pipeline project, "would review a revised proposal without prejudice."

Romney would "exclude carbon dioxide from its purview" (i.e. the Clean Air Act), and that would be "tinkering" with existing law. On health care, Obama enacted a "signature achievement." But Romney "rails against the federal measure."

On same-sex marriage, Obama was portrayed as principled and one who consults his wife while Romney is a traditionalist and a flip-flopper. Again, Obama enacted a "sweeping overhaul of the financial regulatory system." Romney wants to repeal it and is "too cozy" with Wall Street. The tilt toward Obama was conspicuous. Your readers deserve impartial analysis, not rhetorical talking points crafted by one party. — Brian Nicholson, Medford

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