My student died last week. Forty-four year old Scott Chappell was in the first term of his studies at Rogue Community College to become a nurse. Scott was an intelligent and likeable man, giving 110 percent to pass his classes.

Heartbreakingly, Scott survived multiple deployments to the Middle East, but he did not survive his transition from military life to civilian life. My heartfelt condolences go to his family.

The personal loss I feel at this tragic end to a man's life is a reminder of the challenges veterans face after returning home from war; the consequences of combat will never be over for many of our veterans. I hope and pray our country completes the drawdown from the Middle East and does not again choose war as the strategy to resolve conflict.

By the way, Scott, you passed that final quiz on parts of speech. — Leslie Hall Bryan, Ashland

Sorry Mr. Raymond Smith, but birthers are either insane, incredibly stupid or simply gullible.

Let us assume, just for the sake of argument, that President Obama was not born in the USA. Mr. Smith, I presume, does not doubt the fact that his mother was born in Kansas.

Now, a bit of recent history. Gov. Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, ran for the office of president. George Romney was born in Mexico! How very interesting.

There were at the time questions as to whether George was a "natural born citizen." It was resolved that he indeed was because his father was born in the good old USA and therefore, he was quite eligible to be president.

Now, I think this is preposterous; however, that's how it stands. In the real world of facts and reason, President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. He has produced the only legitimate proof there can be for any of us, a certified copy of his birth certificate. I would be interested in knowing what further documents you or I could produce other than our birth certificate to prove the fact that we are natural born citizens. — Mari Morsel, Medford

The county "improved" my street, Ross Lane, by adding a lane, sidewalks and an unused bike lane. What was the point?

I walk my dogs every day now on the sidewalks, and I have to fear for my dogs' life and mine! We have to dodge teenagers on their bikes all the time. Why did we bother to put the bike lanes in?

When you inform them there is a bike lane, they just ride even closer to you. What happened to manners in our young people? I worry about our future. — Karen Meade, Medford

On May 20, the Tribune published a full-page article by McClatchy Newspapers comparing the difference between Romney and Obama on 13 major problems confronting the U.S., but jobs was not one of them! Why? Creating jobs is the biggest problem we face to turn our economy around!

The McClatchy chain is a newspaper sympathetic to, and a strong backer of Obama. So they possibly "overlooked" the embarrassing subject for Obama on the lack of jobs? Not likely.

One subject in the article was taxes. Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Bush all reduced taxes substantially to jump-start anemic economies. The result? More money for consumers and corporations to spend, helping small business to thrive and big business to hire.

Romney's solution? Reduce taxes. Obama's solution? Increase taxes. Will lessons of history and the recent past give direction and teach us anything? This time? Yes! Reduce taxes! — Bob Olsson, Rogue River

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