Watch "Democracy Now" every morning at 7 a.m. on Southern Oregon Public Television Channel 8. It's totally commercial-free and truly a voice of the 99 percent.

CBS, NBC, ABC, channels 10, 12 and 5 are obviously part of and for the entertainment of the 1 percent. They are nothing but gossip columns with tons of mind-numbing commercials.

Wake up to the realities of the 99 percent. Hey, that's us!

We don't want to spends our trillions of dollars on the wars and games of the 1 percent. We want educations for our children, we want jobs for all families and health care for the 99 percent. That's reality! — Marie Griffith, Phoenix

In the May 22 article by Teresa Ristow about the Medford School District (MSD) adding back teacher days, the likely reason given for the increased funding was increased district enrollment.

Later in the article, Ms. Ristow wrote, "Because a large chunk of the funding will have to be passed along to the district's charter schools, not all of the added revenue will go directly to the general fund," implying that the charter schools are a drain on the MSD.

The Madrone Trail Charter School has 180 students. Many of those students are in the MSD solely because of the presence of Madrone Trail. Madrone Trail operates on 80 percent of the per-pupil funding. MSD keeps the other 20 percent. Madrone Trail is not a drain on the MSD. It directly benefits the MSD. Madrone Trail deserves its share of the increased funding. — Michael Davis, Talent

The Eagle Point School District should have declared bankruptcy to void the union contract, terminated every employee and closed for the balance of the school year to allow time to hire back the best teachers and best staff, and give fresh, motivated teachers the opportunity to prove what they can do. Then the schools could have opened a month earlier next semester to bring the students current.

EPSD has a 33 percent non-graduate rate. If a manufacturer turned out products that didn't work 33 percent of the time, nobody would buy them.

When you add in Christmas and Easter vacations, these teachers are only working about eight months for an annual salary and benefits few in the private sector can match, so why EPSD gave the union anything more is an outrage.

We taxpayers demand a reasonable return on our property tax investment, and we're not even getting that. — Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

Will an Obama supporter please name a nation or society in the history of mankind that has ever borrowed themselves into prosperity? If we don't learn from the errors of history, we are bound to repeat them again. Until recently, we owed the national debt to ourselves via Liberty Bonds, etc., and not to an adversary nation like China. — Floyd Lamb, Medford

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