Congratulation to Eagle Point High School teachers, victorious in their strike, and to the student organizers of the EPHS walkout. Your victory shows the power of solidarity.

Dennis Richardson's unfounded attacks via email against striking Eagle Point teachers were offensive. His slash-and-burn philosophy of managing our public institutions is not conservative and lacks forethought. Public school teachers have the job of educating the future citizens and leaders of our community. He fails to see the value in this task.

Teachers stuck paying pre-recession mortgages and interest rates cannot be robbed of their earnings and scapegoated for government revenue shortfalls. If you wish to find the leaches in this society, look no further than the billionaires in the banking system.

Our educators are upstanding, hard-working community members who don't deserve abuse from shortsighted politicians like Dennis Richardson, who slash vital services to win votes.

Furthermore, he insulted the young organizers of the school walkout by not giving them credit for taking the issue on themselves. Also congratulations to the SOU students' successful "WTF?" ("Where's the Funding?") walkout. We should not tolerate a watered-down education system in this country. — Ryan Navickas, Medford

Hard times? Maybe just for working people, not Medford city government! Paying its new city manager $15,000 to move about 220 miles? What's wrong with this picture? The Medford City Council needs to get into the real world. I'll bet most people pay their own moving expenses.

I've read this is how we get the most qualified people — really? If this money came from the council's own pockets, it would not happen! I hope this isn't an example of the new city manager's spending habits in using the taxpayers' money.

Are we giving him a home and a car to spend the $400 auto allowance on? — Jon Woods, Medford

I would have more respect for people who are Republican and members of the tea party if they admitted that there are a whole lot of people in their respective parties who are just plain scared of becoming a minority in this country.

They also fear that they will be treated with the same kind of hatred and intolerance that they have heaped upon Afro-Americans, of which I am a proud member, for hundreds of years. So instead of spouting vitriol and acting like little spoiled children, they should be honest enough to tell the truth. — Lindsay Earl Paulk, White City

Could we not expect from the person holding the highest office in our nation the leadership qualification of being able to distinguish between order-keeping and disaster-causing values?

Even the LGBT's flexing muscles may appear attractive and powerful, yet there is a higher authority.

And we thank the living God in Christ Jesus for that. — Ingrid LeBleu, Medford

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