Mythologically speaking, Sunday's astronomical dark shadow cast on the United States foretells, it makes no difference whether Obama or Romney wins because 99 percent of us will still lose. — Michael Framson, Medford

I am very disappointed with the Oregon Board of Education's decision regarding the use of Native American imagery for high school nicknames. This is another example of political correctness going too far and preventing reasonable people from making common-sense decisions.

School mascots are chosen to personify noble or desirable traits. That is why no school has chosen to be called the "wussies." A school nickname should invoke a sense of school and personal pride, spirit, courage, strength and other positive characteristics.

If cartoonish mascots are offensive, then maybe they should be eliminated, but what is wrong with a majestic image or logo representing a Native American group for a school nickname? What if someone else is offended by mascots portraying wild animals, extreme weather events (tornados) or celestial bodies (comets)? All of these examples have interfered with someone's life or caused pain and suffering at one time or another.

Maybe all schools should adopt a happy face logo and change their school colors to beige. — Ken Wicks, Central Point

The Republican party leaders made a pact to smear the president and the presidency even before he took the oath of office — at any cost!

They even admit it. A strict gang mentality that could possibly affect the careers of the men and women of their own party.

That would be a huge chance for those politicians to take for a cause still yet unknown. I doubt Romney even knows what sort of orders he will be given if he does become president. — F.C. Mesquish, Medford

I understand that there was a Republican running against DeFazio as a Democrat. We are going to see more and more of this from here on.

Being "Republican" isn't very popular these days.

When you have had not one but two leaders of your party being found out as liars and thieves, it is time to find another political title for your cause.

They have changed the Grand Old Party to the Gross Old Party.

The next election will be the death toll. I believe it will be an overwhelming landslide for the Democrats.

Greg Walden had better order some new business cards. — Ed Scanlin, Medford

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