Renaming schools because of their Native American names is outrageous. In this time of massive school shortages and cutbacks, we the taxpayers will be paying to change school signs, uniforms, websites, trophies and spirit.

Wait, let's be really politically correct and change schools with endangered species as mascots: Fighting Tigers, Eagle, Otter, Beavers, Panthers, etc. School spirit is not about defaming something, but honoring something.

How about letting our tax dollars go to teen homeless shelters or food banks, something that will really make a difference. — Marjorie Murch, Medford

I see the great minds of the Medford City Council have come together to form one big bubble of gas. The idea of turning off the street lights in a "test area" of west Medford to save money under the guise of improving the view of the night sky would make a great Far Side cartoon.

If viewing the night sky is such a commodity, why not ask those in east Medford to turn off their lights first? At least the crime rate is not so high in their neighborhoods. I am sure they would put up a fight also.

You, the Medford City Council, have a job to do. Try to do it without jeopardizing the safety of your citizens. — Bill Baker, Phoenix

I noticed a variety of letters and editorials in your newspaper supporting our school teachers at Eagle Point.

I wish to add my support of our teachers. It is imperative that our young people receive the best education possible. Our teachers are true dedicated professionals.

I have a suggestion that should help our teachers and, hopefully, improve the education of our young.

All teachers should opt out of the Public Employees Retirement System.

Opting out of PERS would free up millions of dollars to improve teacher salaries and provide funds for preparation time, teaching aids and student counseling.

Some of the PERS money would be transferred over to the Social Security system. The teacher's SS retirement account would equal their years of service just like all the rest of us.

This would also benefit our children by retaining well-trained, highly qualified and experienced teachers up to age 65. Teachers and administrators would be on the same retirement system as the rest of us taxpayers.

Don't hold your breath; we all know that the above will never happen. — C. Andrew Beck, Medford

Doing the math on the just-concluded teacher strike in Eagle Point, it's hard to justify at this time their demands when the average full-time teacher is costing the taxpayer $90,000-plus per year with salary and all benefits included. For nine-months work, it equals $10,000 per month, $2,500 per week or $500 per day. I hope my figures are all wrong. — Mel Sherbourne, Medford

This is to praise a local minister who visited me while I was in rehab after an attack of vertigo. Foolishly, I don't have his name.

I am not religious and we discussed the weather and oranges and apples.

Thank you very much for your visit. It did a lot for my morale. — Billie Raney, Medford

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