I just googled "how many miles of pipelines already cross the Oglalla Aquifer" and got 25,000 miles. It seems to me the current argument against the Keystone XL Pipeline is really, absolutely, incomprehensible, complete utter political BS.

Remember in November, the current administration has your best interests at heart. Really? I'm pretty gullible and even I don't believe that. — Mel Beaty, Medford

Please support HR 1830 regarding citizens' rights to be able to purchase and consume raw milk that comes from organically fed and raised cows treated humanely. Stop the most horrible inhumane treatment of livestock for the sole purpose of greed, forcing the public to acquire milk from cows that are loaded with antibiotics, hormones, pills, pus and who knows what else. This bad stuff is passed on to us through those cows' milk.

Open your eyes and take an interest in America's well-being. Pass HR 1830, please! — Char Leigh, Medford

Mr. Wilstatter writes it is "arrogant" of retiring District Attorney Mark Huddleston to support Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert for his position in the coming elections.

Let's see; was it arrogant of Mr. Huddleston to have the best interests of the citizens of Jackson County in mind as he served in that office? As he worked tirelessly as this county's top law enforcement officer, he believes and I agree that his choice as successor has those same qualities.

Beth Heckert has had one goal only her whole professional career, and that is to use her education and extraordinary skill in public service as a prosecutor for Jackson County, and her record, if one isn't too "arrogant" to overlook it, speaks for itself.

Your vote counts and I'm using mine to vote for Beth Heckert. — Beverly David, Medford

Crimes are occurring in our community every day and due to overcrowding, many criminals are being let out of jail with no time served. Due to the diligence of our prosecuting attorneys, most crimes that reach the courts are ending in success for the victims. We need to keep our District Attorney's Office strong and focused.

The most outstanding candidate for district attorney is Beth Heckert. She has 22 years experience in prosecuting domestic violence, crimes against children, homicide and drug cases, among other prosecutions.

Beth has been dedicated to improving the Jackson County criminal justice system and law enforcement in general.

Please vote for Beth Heckert. She has proved that she is a dedicated member of that office and will stay. Let's not put someone in the DA's office who wants the job as a stepping-stone to further his political ambitions. — Lynda Stevenson, Medford

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