I am writing this letter on behalf of the Rogue River Rooster Crow Committee. This year they are making the Neathamer descendants the grand marshal. We are trying to get as many Neathamer descendants as possible to give input and to be involved in any way they may choose.

We have been in the Rogue Valley 155 years. We know there are eight generations of Neathamers in the valley, and that a ninth generation exists. We want to do something that will make the town of Rogue River and the Neathamers proud. Please pass on this information to any family members that you might know to contact. It would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to see as many as possible in the parade with us, but we do need to know that you are coming so we can have enough room for all.

The Rooster Crow parade is June 30. Contact Melvina McLaughlin, 3131 Midway Ave., Grants Pass, OR 97527. Home: 541-956-1405, Cell: 541-601-2276 or e-mail castledome@live.com (please use subject, Neathamer Pride). — Ruth Bailey, Rogue River

I would like to urge all Jackson County Democrats to vote for John Beatty in the upcoming primary.

Rather than using the office of commissioner as a stepping stone to a statewide office, John is dedicated to serving our county. John's commitment to Jackson County runs deep. He is raising his family here, so he has a vested interest in making Jackson County a better place to live. Please join me in supporting John Beatty in the May election. — Angel Sexton, Medford

I am annoyed that SOU is considering reprimanding a student for his participation in a peaceful demonstration in Washington, D.C., against student debt.

I would like to call attention to the fact that SOU would have a serious conflict of interest in passing judgment on the conduct in question. SOU and other universities profit immensely from burgeoning student indebtedness.

A $50 fine was imposed on the student by the District of Columbia, and that should be the end of the matter. — Samuel Berry, Medford

Shaun Franks is not the only one that seems to need reprimanding in the actions revealed over a recent Washington, D.C., school-sponsored trip. Southern Oregon University itself and the AFL-CIO should explain their positions on this incident also. The right to legally protest is available to all of us in our great country. However, when a protest violates the rights and properties of others it is considered uncivil.

Mr. Franks states that there was no "malice" in the demonstration. As a college student he should understand the definition of malice. A common definition states the malice is "evil intent." The intent of the protest, as I interpret it, was to try to force Salley Mae to discuss their business paradigm. When Sally Mae refused, the students seemed to say, "We'll show you" and blocked the entry to their building. This was an act of malice.

Apparently, then, some of the offending students were fined and the AFL-CIO picked up the tab. Shaun Franks, SOU, and the union should all be reprimanded.

Civil discourse should always be encouraged. Bullyism should be disciplined. Please do not contact me for SOU or union donations. — Gary Puente, Eagle Point

Clearly, the district attorney race is the most important on the May ballot.

Despite endorsements by every good ol' boy from Ashland to Salem, Mr. Patridge seems to be a man in search of yet another job or government career. What stands out to me is that Mr. Patridge has a grand total of, count 'em, three years' experience in the criminal justice system, and that is 10-plus years past. And this qualifies him to be the chief law enforcement officer in the county?

However, I am impressed by two statements by Dave Hoppe. The first and most important is, "I'm a prosecutor, not a politician." That statement sums up exactly what is at stake in this election. The second is Hoppe's plan to make the DA's office a "criminal litigation firm." This means the DA prosecutes, not "politics."

My vote will be for David Hoppe for Jackson County DA. — Ted Krempa, Medford

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