Kudos to the Ashland Police Department for telling me who to contact to remove a dead doe under our deck.

I don't think it was Jane, who has frequented our property for some years, but I know it wasn't John.

We do not invite deer to habituate our lot, but we seem to have little to say about it. Please, someone come up with a solution! — Maxine Scott, Ashland

The Lake Creek Historical Society received a grant in November 2011, from the Jackson County Cultural Coalition funded by the Oregon Cultural Trust, investing in Oregon's arts, humanities and heritage. The grant was to be used to create a website for the Lake Creek Historical Society.

LCHS hired Paradux Media from Eagle Point to set up the website and has been running for a few months. The website has made available a wealth of materials including photos, family stories, genealogical information on pioneer residents and other scan-ready documents. Since we have only volunteers at the LCHS, this website will be updated with Lake Creek and Brownsboro information as time permits. There is also a place to add your family stories. So we encourage family members to take part in the website and please include pictures if possible.

Web address: www.lakecreekhistoricalsociety.org. — Marilyn Maloney, office volunteer, Eagle Point

When did pride become prejudice? The Rogue River High School mascot is a symbol of honor, not ridicule.

The Chieftains — now what dope sees that as making fun of people? If we were calling them "Squaws" that would be a different matter. Though probably viewed as being disrespectful to women, it surely wouldn't be a symbol of power.

Political correctness is the problem, not the solution. I hope PETA doesn't sue in the name of the Ashland Grizzlies.

Watch out Black Tornado and Dead Indian Memorial Road. — Brad Martinkovich, Medford

Akron, Luke, Montego and Odette are young Laborador and golden retrievers raised by volunteers from the Rogue Valley Special Eyes puppy raising club. You might have seen them around town in their green puppy coats.

In honor of International Guide Dog Day on April 25 and the 70th anniversary of Guide Dogs for the Blind (www.guidedogs.com), we'd like to thank local businesses for opening their doors to us so we can prepare our puppies for their future careers as guide dogs, especially Hematology Oncology Associates P.C., Rogue Community College and St. Mary's High School.

Together we make life better for people who are blind or visually impaired throughout the United States and Canada.

Puppy raising is an incredibly rewarding experience, and more raisers are needed. Those interested should call 541-621-2228. — Lynn Hobbs, Medford

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