I see in the April 12 Mail Tribune that among university graduates, 39 percent of women and 57 percent of men prefer Mitt Romney to President Obama.

Perhaps someone who works in higher education could explain why the system has failed the male gender so badly. — John McDougall, Talent

Last Saturday, the Rogue Valley Harmonizers presented a complex show with 150 singers at the Central Medford High School Performing Arts Center. It was the Oregon statewide competition, last held here in 2003, so most of the performers came from out of town and there was no time to rehearse them in the venue.

This event would not have happened without the help of the Medford School District in the persons of Pam Thoren, who organized their effort, Nick Walsh, who ran very complex tech, and the site staff of Vince Keys, Debra Sato and Jose Muro.

These people were friendly, effective and thoroughly competent. — Robert Hall, President, Rogue Valley Harmonizers, Medford

I have searched the Mail Tribune for any mention of ALEC and its recent loss of corporate support. PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods and McDonald's have severed connections, followed by several others. Why? Because they do not want to be associated with the evil sins of this organization.

What is ALEC? ALEC is an acronym for American Legislative Exchange Council, the voice of corporate special interests in state legislatures. Some goals of ALEC are:

1) Undercutting health care reform

2) Privatizing education

3) Tax cuts for the rich, with concomitant reduction of health and financial services for the needy

4) Reduction (elimination) of workers' rights

5) Voter ID laws, making it difficult for low-income Americans to vote

6) Obstructing environmental policy regarding pollution and climate change

ALEC is extremely well organized and benefits from near-infinite financial support (Koch brothers, worth $40 billion each). Hence, ALEC has enjoyed considerable success.

The anti-worker laws passed in rust-belt states, voter ID requirements in many states, and privatization of the prison industry are just a few examples. We must defend our democracy against threatening forces such as ALEC, which would replace it with a corporate oligarchy. — James Frank Verdieck, Medford

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