This message is directed to the lady who purchased a used lawn mower at a yard sale in east Medford on Sunday, April 15. Due to oversight we failed to include the grass clipping basket and operating manual. If you will return to the location where you made your purchase, these two items will be returned to you. We sincerely apologize for the oversight and thank you for your purchase. — J. Moore, Medford

Although it is still many months before the November election, the Democratic candidate for county commissioner this year has a good chance of succeeding. Few people trust one-party rule, and most understand that the best governance occurs when all views are brought to the table before decisions are made.

I strongly support John Beatty in his bid to become the Democratic nominee. Through his work as an IT specialist for the county, he knows how the county works, and personally knows the key players in each department. He has interacted with each of the present commissioners through his job, and would begin in an atmosphere of mutual respect that would allow him to influence policy without angry conflict.

If elected, he would be a voice of moderation and be able to function at a high level of competence from day one.

Democrats, please join me in supporting John for commissioner. — David Gilmour, Central Point

Health care reform is called Obamacare because he cares, Republicans don't.

Our profit-driven health care system is the world's most expensive, yet its outcomes are mediocre, and millions have no access. Presidents of both parties sought reform, but President Obama finally took us a step in the right direction. In the interest of bipartisanship, he based it on a model first proposed by Republicans in 1993 — the individual mandate.

Republicans went nuts, raging against his "tyranny." That's what Obama gets for thinking they might respond rationally to their own idea. Expanding access to health care is tyranny? Get a grip, people.

They took it to the Supreme Court, which has a Republican majority so partisan they ruled that corporations are people. There they compared it to the dreaded "broccoli mandate" (I am not making this up). Requiring auto insurance is a more suitable analogy, but who would that scare?

If the GOP's activist judges toe the party line and kill Obamacare, we should quit screwing around and implement real reform: a simple, cost-effective single-payer system. Health care is a necessity for everyone. It's time we join the civilized world and provide it to all our citizens. — Michael Steely, Medford

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