Who's to blame for $4 gas? According to Bill Varble the blame belongs solely to speculators. He fails to put some blame on President Obama.

I agree that supply is high and demand is low in the United States. However, the price of oil is based on the global market. The speculators are predicting the supply and demand of oil in the global market when they decide whether to buy or sell.

So, don't agree with Bill Varble when he claims "you have to put away those supply-and-demand lines from Econ 101." On the contrary, to understand the $4 gas you must understand the supply-and-demand lines from Econ 101 and think beyond our borders.

The speculators think beyond our borders. Example: The current Iran situation might disrupt the flow of oil. Thus, the supply of global oil will decrease. This uncertainty in the Middle East fuels oil speculation, causing a higher price for oil and gas. President Obama's policies create this uncertainty, which opens the door to speculators, hence the $4 gas.

Also, President Obama's spending spree devalued the dollar. This devaluation increased the dollar price for oil and gas. — Bill Hartley, Medford

Recently, Habitat staff and volunteers were stunned and disheartened at the theft of tools from our construction trailer. These tools were critical to our volunteers and partner families working on the modest, decent homes we build for those in the lower economic echelons of our community.

Within hours, the community responded with breathtaking generosity. Multiple donors contributed enough to allow us to replace everything we lost, with some funds left over for our next home project.

I would like to recognize the media's role in helping us recover. It was one more sad story. Yet without the dissemination of information by the Tribune and broadcast organizations, I doubt we would have benefited from the community's largess.

It is good to be reminded that there is more good than evil in our world. To the generous and kindhearted citizens of our valley, heartfelt thanks on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. — Clint Driver, board president, Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity

For the first time, I appealed my property tax valuations this year.

Like everyone, Jackson County is constantly seeking ways to do more with less, but most places have a corresponding reduction in the quality of service. Though there are an astonishing number of property tax appeals this year, I was very surprised to see that I was given ample time to present my case, that my arguments were carefully weighed, that I was treated with respect and courtesy, and that a well-reasoned and fair decision was swiftly made.

Kudos to the assessors, recorders, the hearings officers and Jackson County government. You all did a wonderful job. — Buck Eichler, Medford

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