In reference to the March 19 article on the intersection of Delta Waters and Springbrook, unbelieveable! The reason there is so much traffic is because of that intersection. The noise has quadrupled since the intersction has been put in. The speed limit is not being enforced whatsoever, and I am shocked that a child hasn't been hit.

The speed limit is posted 25, and we see cars going as fast at 35 to 45 miles per hour, and just wait till they speed to beat the red light. Not to mention all of the service trucks speeding down the road.

It is hard enough getting out of my driveway as it is, now I will have to wait for the light to turn green to get out?

To get into my driveway is even trickier. Cars will get into the turn lane way too early — almost hitting us. I honestly don't think the Planning Department planned for this much traffic, and they need to do something else for traffic flow. How about speed bumps? At least it would slow drivers down and keep trucks offthat road. — Heidi Barron, Medford

What now? What do you propose going forward? How many more years in Afghanistan? Do we start yet another war with Iran? All volunteer forces? Fourth, fifth, sixth tours of duty? What about the vets?

I hear you banging the drums of war once again. Are we to continue to project our military power all over the world? Oh, China. Mmmm. What if they ...? And speaking of China, how do you want to pay? How about another go at waste and abuse? Cut peaceful foreign aid?

I guess you really want to pay for this by cutting ("reforming" in Republicanspeak) Social Security and Medicare. People can work longer. Certainly you don't think defined pensions are a good plan. There are plenty of jobs for 65 and 70-year-olds, right?

And don't get sick. It's pay as you go. Free market. We certainly can't have socialized medicine. Heaven forbid taxing anyone for anything.

Well, dream on, Republicans. Nothing adds up. Peace be with us all. — Daniel Hamnett, Ashland

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan group composed of fiscal experts of both major parties, has just reviewed the budget proposals of the four current Republican Presidential candidates, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul. All would lead to a much higher national debt over the next 10 years. All would further reduce taxes on the wealthy and reduce social programs for the middle class and the poor.

In fact, the measures in the 2013 Obama budget do much better in reducing the deficit than the proposals of the Republican candidates.

If lower taxes on the wealthy create jobs, then where are the jobs that should have been created by the Bush tax cuts, and why has the economy not recovered if tax cuts are the answer?

"Voodoo" economics is alive and well, and flourishing in the presidential campaign. — Frank Hieber, Medford

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