In her recent opinion piece, Kathleen Parker discredits herself when she writes —… those pushing anti-abortion measures are men whose experience in such matters is biologically irrelevant."

She seems to be suggesting that women, because they can experience pregnancy, are more qualified than men to discuss abortion. But this is plainly false because men have experienced pregnancy. All pro-life men have lived in their mother's wombs for more than five months. This is experience with pregnancy. Ms. Parker might not think this experience counts, but why not?

Consider that men (and women too) who oppose abortion are only supporting what they themselves have experienced: not getting killed by their mothers.

Here's something else Ms. Parker should consider. If lacking experience excludes you from making moral statements on an issue, then no woman or man can support abortion. If you haven't experienced being brutally murdered then you haven't experienced abortion and have no right to support it. — Kathleen Watson, Medford

In response to last Saturday's Other Views editorial, "Take aim at bullying," Eden Hope Van Horn Wormer was my granddaughter. I'm aware of what happened as I just returned, Tuesday, March 13, from her funeral.

Her dad, my eldest son, found her that awful morning. I attended the vigil for her and 100-plus people were there. Kids talked openly about being bullied and knowing about Eden. One boy was being removed from the school by his mother because he had been beaten so badly. The school district says they have a policy. It doesn't help when the kids are terrified of "telling" because the bullies let them know they will make it harder on them.

It was not "coincidental" to her taking her own life. They hounded her in many ways for two years. She was a teen with all that goes with it.

The schools have to work harder and actually listen to the students.

It is open at that school that you are either a bully or you are bullied. The pain will not go away of losing my sweet hurting granddaughter, but it can help me to step up and do something about bullying. I will! — Patricia Hebb, Medford

Jackson County Animal Control let Heath Franklin off the hook. When he surrendered his male and female Akitas for euthanasia, all was forgiven. The fines were waived and he was allowed to keep a pup from the pair he gave up to the county.

Franklin demonstrated time and again that he was an irresponsible dog owner, and the two Akitas killed one dog and severely injured others. I'm not an expert in genetics but I'd be willing to bet the pup might also be small animal and dog aggressive. Given the supervision and training his parents had, it's a recipe for disaster. — Jean Strong, Medford

If we need another dog park, how about the old Frisbee park off Modoc? I would love to see Hawthorne turned into a museum and garden.

We, the metropolis of Southern Oregon, don't have a showplace for our history. We could move an existing Victorian structure there and renovate it, or build a state-of-the-art facility with a beautiful garden of natural shrubs and trees for pedestrians. Retired police or fire officials could be hired (part-time) to attend the greenery and shoo off the undesirables.

If you look at what little old Gold Hill has done, frankly I am embarrassed. — Brad Martinkovich, Medford

I became a U.S. citizen on March 15, proudly taking an oath, singing the national anthem and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. We even watched a video of Ray Charles singing "America the Beautiful".

The federal judge overseeing my naturalization ceremony encouraged me and about 75 others from 30 different countries to get involved in our local communities and participate in America's great democracy. Therefore, my very first vote as a U.S. citizen will be for Beth Heckert for Jackson County District Attorney. — Stella Russell, Central Point

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