It's been reported that the U.S Forest Service has plans to close almost 4,000 miles of roads in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. No motor vehicle travel will be permitted.

At a time that the state of Oregon is doing everything it can to increase the sale of hunting licenses, this doesn't sound like a very bright idea to me. Who is going to buy a hunting license when you've got nowhere to go? — Richard Cody, Applegate

It is startling the rationalizations that liberals will go through to make an unworthy point.

I am against capital punishment for the hardened criminal, but also for the innocent unborn whose only "crime" is that of inconvenience for the parents. What is it that compels empathy for a violent murderer and yet for an unborn child, ice forms around your heart? I challenge you to contact the brave women who have chosen not to kill their babies and bear witness to their wisdom and joy.

As far as taking care of the poor, just take a ride past St. Vincent de Paul here in Medford. They shelter and feed the homeless and the poor, and have programs to assist families — and not one position in that organization is a paid position. By the way, they are always looking for donations and volunteers, so you might want to consider that.

Sidney Stitt should open his heart to a child — an innocent unborn child. — Sandra Collegio, Central Point

Several years ago, I was all set for retirement. My home was worth more than the mortgages on it and there would be enough left for a down payment on a smaller property. My plan was to downsize and live happily ever after.

Then along came the greed of corporate America, the big banks and mortgage brokers. My property now is worth far less than what was owed on it, and my retirement income wouldn't cover the payments and taxes. I am now facing foreclosure and loss of my assets to cover mortgage deficiencies. I know that my situation is mirrored in millions of cases.

The government bailed out the greedy banks and mortgage companies, saying they were too big to fail. Do you believe that? Has anybody been punished for ruining so many lives? No! Do I believe in our government? All they do is take; we are in for some serious times that may well destroy our way of life.

This has happened at our county level — outrageous benefits and perks to the top administrator, but do the commissioners do anything about it? Wake up, America! — David B. Hammond, Medford

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