Obamacare is a violation of freedom to choose. Why should I pay for something I don't believe in? Why can't you keep your ideas to yourself?

The government has to get involved to force everyone to pay for your choice, not my choice, your choice. The issue here is that it is unconstitutional, a violation of the First Amendment.

Don't believe what they want to sell you that it is about the contraception. Wake up. Would you like to pay for someone's drug rehab if the federal government made it a law?

I should be able to fund whatever organization goes with my beliefs. I am sure there are programs that help out on the example I used (rehab) but I should be able to choose to give my money to them. As it is now you can donate to organizations that give free contraception — go right ahead and donate. The point is the violation of the First Amendment. That is the big deal. Actions equal consequences, and unfortunately our society does not want to admit that. — Esmeralda Angulo, White City

I am astonished that you would run the controversial marijuana-extolling Doonesbury strip appearing in your paper last week. Considering all the harm that drugs have done to people in this country, it is appalling that this subject should appear where children could read it.

They are expecting to read Peanuts or Garfield, not subjects such as pot. Others may be offended, as well. This provocative topic belongs on the editorial page or in the classified ads along with Mallard Fillmore. — John Anderson, Medford

Does it matter? We believe what our teachers, leaders and the news media say. Of course this information may vary from place to place, from different countries and from different religions, political parties and even our individual interpretation. Our forefathers have brought us here to realize that someone has to be lying to us.

If we were to listen to God in our heart, we would know that we all want to live, love and be loved, to procreate and protect and do something good for our own and their future; to be the best we can be. We all feel the same pain in our heart and in our flesh from our wounds. We all need the same things to survive; we all need other human beings.

Our belief, our mindset or ideology can sweep over the world like a tide with deceit, hate and destruction, mega-greed, crime and war literally bought and paid for by the 1 percent with our hard-earned money, as it has been for too long, or, with "the truth", with love of ourselves, our fellow man and this wonderful world that God has "offered" us. — Theodore Daw, Eagle Point

I was amazed at the article by Seth Borenstein and Jack Gillum. They stated the reason for high gas prices is that it is now a worldwide commodity.

I would like to ask them what they thought the the Germans were doing in North Africa and Rumania during World War II? I would also like to ask them what they thought the Japanese were looking for in Southeast Asia, the fountain of youth?

It has been a worldwide commodity since Dec. 7, 1941. If we were to open up drilling today, the price would drop tomorrow, and fast. — Robert Casebier, Medford

With all the hate being spewed today, it was a real treat to view the movie, "October Baby."

It's a story of heartache, triumphing in love and forgiveness. There are a few surprises at the end of the movie and even while the credits are running, all of which add to the credence of the story. I highly recommend it. — Willa Johnson, Phoenix

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