I climbed Upper Table Rock and found many disturbing things on the trail. Up top I saw more than a dozen cigarette butts. Hiking and smoking?

I saw toilet paper along the trail as well. OK, emergencies happen, but is it so hard to bury it?

There are posted areas where restorations are being done, yet people still walk into them despite the signs.

The trail up is necessary, but I want the rest to be as nature made it. Nothing says human presence like any one of the stacked-up rock piles, someone's thoughtless spirit cairn. Is this really necessary?

Up on top at some of the popular lookouts, I found food wrappers, plastic bottles, a soda can, orange peels, even clothes. You carried them up, is it so hard to carry them down?

I took a few pictures, enjoyed the view and carried down what I could when I left. As I neared the parking lot, a couple and their dog walked past, 50 yards from a sign that clearly stated "No Dogs."

Can we all please show respect and stop this? — Harvey Foster, Medford

Am I the only one who's confused?

Right-wing conservatives are pro-life so they want to deny women legal abortion, driving them to life-threatening nonmedical means to abort.

The pro-lifers want to repeal "Obamacare," allowing people to die for lack of care.

They value life so much that they applaud a governor who executed 243 people.

They want to deny life's basic values to gays and lesbians, who do not choose to be homosexual, just as you and I do not choose to be "straight."

They call themselves Christians, yet show no compassion for the homeless and unemployed, nor will they admit President Reagan's deregulation of our financial industry and President Bush's tax cuts for the rich were largely responsible for their condition. How can they be concerned about living embryos and so unconcerned about living people?

How can they be Christian conservatives while acting contrary to God's commandments? — Sidney A. Stitt, Phoenix

I am very disappointed that you did not have the courage and integrity to print Garry Trudeau's controversial strips concerning the current war on women fomented by the radical lunatic fringe and their devious methods to distract the populace from the real issues of the collapse of industrial civilization. — Terry Brown, Talent

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