We have some wonderful views from our neighborhood parks, especially the one to the west from Donahue-Frohnmayer Park at sunset.

This is enjoyed by many who just stop by and may need to remain in their cars due age or disability and still enjoy the view.

This would be taken away by building a wall of apartments on that side of the park. Multistory buildings should not be part of the planning adjacent to parks. Using that wetland area for adding to the park would be a better use. — Russell Branham, Medford

In response to the letter from the couple who were given a gift card by a stranger at Red Lobster: We are very proud to say this young man is the husband of our granddaughter and the father of our 11-month-old great-grandson. He is an Iraq veteran who suffered debilitating injuries while serving as an infantryman.

One cannot always see the wounds of wars, but there are many of these soldiers walking among us every day. When they feel safe they will open up to talk about what it was really like. Often times they speak through streams of tears over the loss of their fellow soldier who yelled words of warning just seconds before the explosion sounded.

His parents have raised an exceptional example of what a real man is. Have you thanked a veteran in words or prayer today? — Nita Barnes, Medford

Everyone is talking about the fact that a homeowner is complaining about the Ashland Gun Club and environmental damage. I get their point, but what really burns me is that, in a country where millions go without medical care every day because of money, a doctor can afford to build a monstrosity like that for his own family. — Noni McCrillis, Talent

I read in the Mail Tribune that a reward in the cat cruelty investigation had reached $5,000. This abuse occurred on Dec. 22.

I also read that the Ashland Council finally agreed on Jan. 17 to set up a public reward fund for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of David Grubbs, which occurred on Nov. 19. While the abuse of any animal is horrible, I hope that we can gain as much, and hopefully more money to put towards the reward fund for the murder of a human being as quickly as was done for this cat. — Emily Bredleau, Ashland

I can't wait to hear how the U.S. Marshals Service is going to handle the shooting incident in Medford. Inexcusable! — Gary Gimenez, Prospect

The only thing real about Newt and Callista Gingrich is her Tiffany jewels. — Maxine Scott, Ashland

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