Our nation was founded and built on three main pillars: Judeo-Christianity, the Constitution and capitalism, with which we became a great nation. Now there are people who want to turn us into a socialist nation.

I ask you, where would we be without God? For example: George Washington should never have been able to defeat England and he knew it, but he trusted God for a miracle. Many times in the heat of battle he could be seen down on one knee praying.

During World War II, the battle at Midway was fought after Pearl Harbor was destroyed by Japan. We should never have won this battle either. Another example: Our fighter planes were to go ahead and protect our torpedo and bomber planes but they got separated and all the planes were destroyed. But another unexpected group came out of the clouds and in only 5 minutes we sank three Japanese carriers and later that day we sank the fourth carrier. (Read the book "Midway" and you'll see the hand of God.) — Gordon DeVos, Medford

If John Darling was trying to elicit sympathy for the Manring family ("Family faces disaster," Jan. 21) he won't get it here. These people are on disability and make $3,839 a month and they can't make a $1,150-a-month mortgage payment. That's only a 30 percent payment-to-income ratio. The OHSI classifies them as "income-challenged" — that's a crock. I'm sure many people anywhere in this country would love to have that kind of income.

I couldn't help but notice the Manrings have a nice big screen LED TV and what looks like a nice large computer monitor to the left of it. Life must be tough. I'm 70 years old and still work part-time, but the next time I'm on a job, I think I'll shoot a nail gun through my foot and maybe I can get on the SSI gravy train. — Ed Seward, Medford

The polarization of ignorance has never been more evident than the media vultures pouncing on any candidate.

There is not an extant individual who has not at some time erred. Yet, if the person who has done so is a Democrat, the media will extol those errors as virtues. A prime example: The way the media protects the union puppet in the White House.

The prevalent belief among the hoi polloi is that, in their ignorance, what the media feeds them is true. The media, you included, are past masters of obfustication, misdirection and out-of-context misinformation and you relish it as you know that most of your readers have absolute confidence that you are telling the truth. This is true but it's your version of the truth! — J.A. Robinson, Grants Pass

News item: "It's certainly difficult to pay for this. If we did, it would give us some hard choices to make." — Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan, commenting on the financial proposal from Jackson County Sheriff Employees Association. (MT, Jan. 22).

News item: "In 2008, commissioners received a 26 percent wage hike. Their salaries went from $68,432 to $86,341 a year" (MT, July 3, 2009).

News item: Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan's 2009 employment contract (three-year) reported to include an annual salary increase from $155,043 to $170,060, monthly housing allowance of $1,000, monthly auto allowance of $649, monthly communications allowance (for cellphone and Internet) of $300, severance package equal to three years of salary and benefits and a $654,000 home loan. (MT, Sept. 18, 2011).

Ever notice how administrators and CEOs can always find a way to justify their own benefit increases while arguing against increasing those of employees? — David Sours, Jacksonville

When I read the article "Homeowners face disaster" I could not believe my eyes and assumed it must be time for new reading glasses. After reading the article again, I hoped that what I read was a typographical error.

If the article is correct, parents and son, all three on Social Security Disability, were receiving a total of $4,807. Son moves out and the parents still have an income of $3,839 — a respectable sum for the valley in this economic climate. Their mortgage payment is $1,150, which has been paid for by a state-run program funded by federal taxpayer dollars for the past six months.

The article should have been titled "Taxpayers face disaster." Instead of asking why they were dropped from the program, a better question would be why they were eligible in the first place. — Diane Williams, Medford

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