Kudos to Mr. Gullet and his excellent evaluation of the Dr. Kerwin fiasco and his problem with his neighbor — a better piece of sarcastic wit would be hard to find.

With all his land, his vineyard and assorted structures, how does he find time to run three medical offices? And his "environmental" attorney should learn what the word hypocrisy means! — Yale Sacks, M.D., Central Point

The recent letter from Sheila Whitesitt was right on target! I agree with her completely. The Mysterious Mormon Moms have produced 34 children between them — they're so proud of themselves! Yes, they say they value family, but they are helping overpopulate the world in this time of crisis in the economy, homelessness, crime, etc.

How do they provide for them? I guess it's none of my business. I'm sure they must be well cared for. If they have extra money, help take care of some of the poor children who are already here. Jackson County folks need all the help they can get.

By the way, I have Mormon ancestors who helped build the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. I do respect their religion, but I do not believe in any faith that brings multiple children into the world. — Virginia Kennedy, Medford

Nat Hentoff's Jan.15 op-ed said Mitt Romney "insistently pledges that he will end public funding for NPR and for PBS "… Other congressional Republicans agree with him." The article went on to state "the slick Mitt Romney assures everyone: 'We're not going to kill Big Bird (on "Sesame Street"). But Big Bird is going to have advertisements. All right?' "

What's this about? Big money, to whom Republicans pander, wants to profit from a market that's unavailable to them as long as it's government-funded. In other words, it's about greed.

But isn't this the same Romney who claims he's a Christian? Isn't he aware, then, of God's position on that issue, as spelled out in James 4:1-3 and 1 John 2:15-17? Or, is he like so many other so-called Christians, who find it convenient to believe their "good" thoughts are just like God's?

Republicans claim government-funded programs are socialism, that democracy demands free enterprise. Consequently, many people were certain that, once China started entering the world's market economy, their totalitarian government would gradually fail. But that hasn't happened, nor does it appear likely.

Conversely, the Republican Party's hard-right stance makes me fear for our democracy. — Hartley Anderson, Medford

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