The Rogue Valley Family YMCA has partnered with the Housing Authority of Jackson County for years to provide after-school youth enrichment programs and summer day camps to those living in their largest communities. Some programs are offered on-site while others are located at local schools.

The Housing Authority covers the cost of these services so their residents can access them for free or at subsidized rates. This allows hundreds of kids to participate.

The YMCA strengthens families and our community by focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Our programs build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Our after-school programs and summer camps are only a part of the Housing Authority's resident services program. They are committed to the success of their residents and offer supportive services and classes to help them get on their feet financially and on a path toward self-sufficiency.

The YMCA is acutely aware that the economy has affected local residents. We believe that the Housing Authority has done a good job providing safe, decent housing to help stabilize families and support youth in Jackson County. The YMCA is proud to partner with them in that endeavor. — Brad Russell, YMCA executive director

The media con artists of the so-called religious right, especially the corporate whores of talk radio, present themselves as religious people with traditional values. But their slavish worship and praise of corporate America makes all this posturing one more shabby lie.

Most of the sleaze and perversion infesting our nation comes from corporations. For over 60 years, corporations and their media helpmates have spread immorality throughout America.

From Penthouse magazine to MTV to garment companies intent on making fifth-grade girls look like $10 prostitutes, it all comes down to one inescapable fact: Corporate executives have no morals whatsoever. Their god is profit. The sooner we realize this, the better.

Where is the outrage against Nike Corp., paying Thai citizens $6 a day to produce low-quality sneakers marketed to spoiled U.S. teenagers for $200?

Is there no outrage against corporations that routinely poison our children with sick rap songs praising gang rape, pimping, drug dealing, assault rifles and filthy language?

The whole talk radio "religious right" agenda is simply a cheap, amateurish con game. Yet millions of suckers eagerly gobble it up, and sadly, that speaks volumes about America. — James Snyder, Medford

In response to "Give Us A Break" on Jan 15, asking why Mormons tend to have so many kids, children bring joy and meaning to life. Mormons believe that having children is part of God's plan for the earth.

Fear of overpopulation may be somewhat relieved after viewing the documentary "Demographic Winter."

Many countries are facing the challenges of a declining population. Sheila said that "almost every problem we suffer from today (economic, crime, homelessness, starvation)" stems from overpopulation. This is not true. These problems are more closely related to moral decline and selfishness.

We work hard to prepare our children to be moral, law-abiding individuals who will take care of themselves and others. They will be successful, tax-paying citizens and will help to solve the above mentioned issues. Yes, they will likely be giving Sheila "a break" as they pay for her Social Security. — Heidi Jarvis, Grants Pass

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