President Obama has said, "The government we have is not the government we need." Truer words were never spoken.

Our nation needs a government made of elected citizens who represent the different needs and opinions of their electors, are willing to discuss those positions and compromise for the good of our nation. Today our government does not seem to work. It is obviously made up of representatives who are beholden to the dicates of a party rather than the good of our people. Viewing our elected politicians, I am reminded of dedicated sports fans complete with chants, logos and cheers — missing only the political personal attacks intended to weaken opposition.

Yes, we do not have the government we need, but perhaps we have the government we deserve. I am reminded of a statement attributed to Thomas Jefferson when he was shown a copy of the newly created Constitution. He remarked that it is a beautiful document, but would only remain in force as long as we had an enlightened electorate, and that implies a voting electorate! — Paul J. Brown, Medford

My wife and I have lived on Spring Street for about 32 years. I am strongly opposed to the Cherry Creek project. More than 500 citizens in our community signed a petition opposing this development.

Twice the City Council has made a very wise decision and voted against this project going forward. This is democracy in action. HAJC is belligerently pushing forward, spending more taxpayer dollars, and threatening our democracy. This is only hurting HAJC and other organizations such as ACCESS.

I and several residents in this community are very disturbed by the article in the paper from ACCESS, and will be withdrawing any further support.

We are not against subsidized housing. This is one of the least desirable locations for such a development. The main concern should be the safety of their residents.

Spring Street is very narrow with no sidewalks. This property should never be zoned MFR-20. Spring Street cannot safely handle the additional vehicle and foot traffic that a development of this size would create. Also, HAJC is exempt from all taxes — federal excise, state, county and property taxes. — Tom Rashe, Medford

Kudos to the Tribune for the story of the Medford Police Department's efforts to reunite bike owners with their stolen bikes. In these times of law enforcement bashing, it is encouraging to see the good that comes from dedicated officers such as Shannon Deutschman and all of the Medford police. This story should remind all of us that our law enforcement people are committed to help us at all levels, something we don't take into account until we really need them. — Jon Kell, Sams Valley

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