Opposition to the Cherry Creek Project is not ill-informed or ignorant. What's ignorant is to support it without environmental and traffic impact studies being done.

To dig up a creek bed and dump in truckloads of fill dirt to build a huge apartment complex, to expect the water to go elsewhere and the runoff from the pavement and rooftops not to flood McAndrews, to expect no adverse effect to Donahue/Frohnmayer Park and WinterSpring Memorial Grove or for the accompanying vehicles and bikes of 100 families to have no impact on Spring Street, that would be ignorant.

Environmental and traffic studies would have helped ease the concerns. Instead, HAJC is spending money with a Washington-based law firm to force it, using zoning tied to a previous project, with none of the conditions, design or density mix it contained. The 2005 zone change for the previous project involved the entire parcel, and not just the low-lying piece. There were open spaces for rain water to seep into the ground, it addressed traffic concerns and it had a buffer zone for the park and memorial. It was acceptable. This new plan isn't. It doesn't fit; don't force it. — Kathy Fritz, Medford

It is very disappointing when other communities voice their opinion on a subject when they really don't know all of the facts. I reference the building of housing in east Medford.

Once they have done their due diligence, studied all of the impacts on the community — environmental, economic, traffic, schools, etc. — and once they have spent their own money to pay for experts and lawyers to help guide them through this, only then do they have the right to voice an opinion about how it's being handled.

We who live in east Medford pay for what we have. We are supporters of ACCESS, Medford Food Project, Maslow Project, La Clinica and many other community groups. The city of Medford also supports many nonprofits by allocating tax dollars to these and many other groups. These groups work with citizens of Medford and surrounding communities without hesitation.

Do you citizens stop those of us in Medford and say thank you? You take, we give. When the city has to work on infrastructure, who is going to pay then? So, those of you in other areas, I invite you to contact the Housing Authority and give them areas in your town to put this project. — D. Borchard, Medford

This letter is in reference to the Jan. 11 and Jan. 14 letters by Jean Strong and Maxine Curtis. I totally agree with the parts of their letters about cats roaming.

I myself love cats, but I am allergic to them. All my neighbors have cats, all of which prefer my yard. They have marked their spot or have left their hair and feces on my outdoor furniture to the point that I can't use it myself.

I like my neighbors and they know of my allergy, but it hasn't helped. The cats still use my place for everything.

The costs that Maxine speaks of are very real. I put my yard into asphalt and artificial grass with red lava to deter the cats, but nothing works. I'm the one who has to clean up the feces they leave.

I do not trap cats, but a house pet should be just that — a house pet. — J. Gold, Central Point.

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