If the Mount Ashland Association would make the ski area business plan available rather than keep it secret, I would look for the section that discusses how they handle drought.

I love skiing Mount Ashland but with limited "early season conditions," one might question the logic of clearcut and expansion. Will the foot soldiers on the MAA board wise up, or continue to smile and nod in the face of reality? We can't ski dirt. — Derek Volkart, Talent

It's unacceptable that a corporation such as Harry & David, having had a presence in the Rogue Valley for almost 100 years, will not face its moral responsibility and pay those who have supported the success of its business during these difficult times.

The Hallets provided services and materials to Harry & David, as many other local businesses, when this corporation clearly knew it would not be paying for services these contractors provided. If individuals behaved in this manner, they would be charged with a crime.

Shame on Harry & David for treating the Hallets and other neighboring businesses with such a lack of integrity. — Kimberlee Olson, Ashland

Once again folks are telling me that they don't feel safe on the Bear Creek Greenway or the Ashland Bike Path. Crime can and does happen anywhere in the community; however, one of the best strategies for prevention is the presence of a lot of law-abiding citizens out enjoying the public parks and facilities. If you're fearful, ask a friend or group of friends to walk, bike or skate together. Don't abandon our parks and greenways! — Eileen Adee, Bear Creek Greenway Foundation, Medford

Rather than admit that their party is destroying our nation, some Democrats are desperately diving deeper into emotional rhetoric.

Such was the case on Dec. 15, with letters by Bob Calhoun and James Snyder. But their oscillations between cheerleading and insults don't erase the fact that we're stuck with a president who isn't qualified to run a car wash. Is there anyone in another party who: 1) thinks that we have 58 states; 2) thinks that Hawaii is in Asia; 3) went to the same church for 20 years and never heard what the preacher said; or 4) has offered us two bogus birth certificates?

His economic policies, along with those of Sen. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, have been an unmitigated disaster. The only thing he has done right is take a lot of vacations. The less he's here, the better off we are. He's just another example of a victory for the Democrats and a defeat for the world. — Ron Smith, Medford

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