The other day someone commented on why the state or whoever has not cleaned up the mess left by the arrest of the people who grew drugs.

Why don't the police use the people who are in jail to clean up? They don't have to be the dangerous prisoners, just the ones who are in for a short time, instead of being released because of overcrowding.

These prisoners are doing nothing in jail to pay for what they did, and this would be a way they could shorten their sentence and save the state and the people a lot of money. There are plenty more things that these people could do under a little supervision. — Jim Witt, Central Point

It was sad to hear of Curves going out of business. It offered a great exercise program.

America is so far behind other countries in stressing the benefits of consistent exercise. The Jackson County Extension Service, thanks to the foresight of Sharon Johnson, has 10 classes in the valley designed by Tufts University for strength and mobility, and additional classes are planned. Cost ranges from free to $15 a month because of dedicated volunteers, with participants ages 40-92.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, 569 Hanley Road, Central Point, OR 97502, or by calling 541-776-7371, and asking about the Strong Women (and Men) Program. — Phyllis Schroeder, Medford

The Mail Tribune's recent coverage of the payroll tax cut extension was disappointing and unfair. For example, the front page story on Dec. 23 uses the derisive word "cave" rather than the more accurate "compromise" to describe the sincere and honest efforts of political leaders trying to do the right thing.

The discussion of this important issue could have been used by the Mail Tribune to educate readers instead of stating your own narrow perspective. To be fair, the "Our View" editorial on the same date does point out that the one-year extension had been President Obama's idea to begin with, and that Congress (and specifically the reluctant Republicans question) was trying to find a way to pay for it. The "spin" in your coverage occurs when your editors label the Republicans as obstructionists who don't want what's right for the country. Instead, why not blame the Senate and the president for following the narrow and selfish path of political expediency?

When February rolls around and the fight about this issue begins anew, will people look back to December and wish they had listened to those Republican congressmen? — Maureen Stewart, Medford

This is to thank the anonymous donor of $100 in a Christmas card taped to my front door.

Your gift in the true Christmas spirit has been used to help needy people from here to West Virginia. Happy New Year and may God bless you, whoever you are. — Sidney A. Stitt, Phoenix

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