The inept House Republicans finally caved in to President Obama and the U.S. Senate on the two-month payroll tax extension. The happiness on the faces of the president and Democrats as they pummelled the House Republicans on this issue reminded me of the looks on the faces of my kids on Christmas morning.

And why all the glee? They were able to extend the current 2 percent payroll tax holiday on employees for a mere two months. Wow! Is that what passes for economic and tax policy worth bragging about? What about the more than $1 trillion of additional debt that we are burdening our children and grandchildren with every year? What about the incredibly complex and convoluted tax system we impose on our citizens? The whole bunch ought to be ashamed of themselves. Remember in November! — Larry Martin, Central Point

People have been riding dirt bikes and ATVs at John's Peak for decades! My question is, why are people buying property in that area if they aren't tolerant of this activity?

Do people who live on a golf course complain about the golf balls hitting their house? No, they knew the risks when they bought the home.

People should have a place to ride. It brings commerce into our area and government should be doing all it can to encourage that. It's not the riders who are illegally dumping stuff in the woods, but it's the riders who haul that junk out. We care about the land we ride on and we will do our part to keep it in good condition.

Riding areas around this valley have been shrinking for the last decade. Government has also told us when we can and can't ride in some areas, allowing us to ride during the hottest, driest time of the year (see the Woodruff area). All of this has an effect — look how many bike shops have gone under.

If you don't like the riding, then move. Just don't move to the middle of the street and then complain about traffic. — Doobie Lawson, Central Point

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