I read with interest your article about overly generous PERS retirement checks. Remember those benefits are tied to the working salary of that retiree. Therefore, the article missed the point that those receiving the largest checks are the ones who worked in overpaid positions.

Real reform should begin by reducing the salary that coaches and administrators receive. However, no one can fault someone for accepting an overly generous salary when it is offered. — Bob Simpson, Central Point

Can someone please tell me why when I went to Costco in Medford on Nov. 18 and filled my car's gas tank, the price was $3.64 per gallon?

I drove to Roseburg and went to the Costco there, and saw that its price was $3.33 per gallon.

Who's getting ripped off? Does it really cost 31 cents a gallon to deliver the gas to Medford, which is only 100 miles south of Roseburg? How many gallons does one of those big double-tanker trucks hold? — Suzi Collins, Medford

On behalf of the First Presbyterian Church of Central Point and St. Vincent DePaul in Medford, we wish to wholeheartedly thank the community for its generous support of the Thanksgiving dinner served on Sunday, Nov. 20. We were able to serve more than 400 meals that day.

Once all expenses have been paid, any excess proceeds collected will be given to St Vincent DePaul for its continuing outreach through its meal programs. Thanks to the Mail Tribune for the article that started the ball rolling on seeing the need, and how our small congregation fills this need. We thank the many volunteers from outside our church who also step forward and spend time out of their day to help serve the community. — Terry L. Ainsworth, Central Point

A slow checkout line at Ray's Market, late Wednesday night. The reason for the delay: A lady is buying the fixings for the holiday dinner, but her card doesn't go through. Seems her automatic payroll deposit didn't register, and things look bad for tomorrow's feast, until the gentleman behind her in line says, "How much are you short?"

"Sixty-one dollars," she says, whereupon he whips out his wallet and hands her the money.

"Are you kidding me?" she says.

"No, I'm Jim. Pay me when you see me," he said, and left with his two bananas.

The lady was astonished (as was I); according to the clerk, this was not the first time he has helped out a shopper in distress. Happy Thanksgiving, Jim! — Peter Fish, Gold Hill

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