Dr. Steven L. Hersch is to be congratulated for having the courage to start a concierge medical practice (Mail Tribune, Nov. 21). Sen. Alan Bates' objections reflect the usual progressive, socialist, collectivist ideology. His arguments against concierge medicine are specious. Incidentally, I thought my doctor was my personal physician, or are all our doctors government-insurance company docs now? — Gordon W. Dickerson, M.D., Medford

To maintain that hydroelectric power generation is not a renewable source of energy is the pinnacle of ignorance, if not stupidity.

The entire Pacific Northwest is situated next to the world's largest solar collector. Solar energy is extracted from the vast Pacific Ocean and delivered as rain and snow to our region on a continual basis. All we need to do is collect and harness that moisture as it cascades back to the sea via turbines.

To remove perfectly serviceable dams and pollute the region with noxious silt in order to encourage some salmon to migrate is silly. Fish ladders work just as well.

We need the hydropower and irrigation way more than "free running" salmon. — Michael McDermott, Medford

If they spent as much time looking for a job as they do protesting, they would probably have a job helping the system rather than living off the system.

They say there are no jobs. I worked for 50 years in this valley, and I never took from the system. They say I was lucky because there were lots of jobs then, but my grandson graduated from South Medford High School last year, and in four days he had a good job. He attends RCC nights, works 40 to 50 hours a week, and goes to electrical apprentice school on Saturdays. In five years, he will be a carded industrial electrician.

They say pull your money out of large banks and put it in small ones. If everyone does this, small banks will become large banks. Duh! They also say buy local, but the Rogue Valley can't grow enough food for 5 percent of the local people.

In the '70s, the valley produced a large percentage of the plywood and lumber for the world. They didn't like that either.

Maybe they need to do some reading and thinking on your own, and quit being led like sheep. — Billy Rutherford, Eagle Point

Wake up, Medford City Council! You're missing out on a windfall. How about branding the courthouse, the jail, the library, or City Hall? God bless you, Karen Blair! — Art Hedberg, Medford

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