I am writing in response to your articles on the ductile iron versus steel pipe question. The article widely sources representatives with a vested interest in seeing the project change from ductile iron to steel. It is a shame that the steel pipe manufacturer appeared to be trying to win the project in the court of public opinion, absent its ability to do so based on engineering.

Using project internal pressure requirements alone, the required wall thickness for steel is at least .4375 inches, more than twice the steel wall thickness reported in the article. Perhaps, if properly designed, steel would actually be the more expensive option? There are also added costs for re-engineering the project for steel pipe and for the design, installation and lifetime operation of a corrosion control system for steel pipe. These are not a part of the quoted "savings" and place an additional operational burden on the pipeline owner.

The Medford Water Commission has proper engineering for this project, on which they based a wise decision for their rate payers in selecting ductile iron pipe. — Paul H. Hanson, regional director, Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association, Valparaiso, Ind.

When we elected President Obama, Republicans showed their contempt for the American people by vowing to make him fail. Their strategy was simple: stonewall and filibuster, deliberately delaying our recovery from the recession, and then blame it on him. Meanwhile, fringe elements took to the streets, raving hysterically about Obama being a foreign-born commie/Nazi/socialist. Republicans liked their style and sought their support.

Be careful what you wish for — the lunatics have taken over the asylum. So now they have candidates for highest office bragging about how much they love Jesus but hate giving health care to the poor, denouncing science as a hoax and promising to lighten the tax burden on the rich. Anyone tainted by reason is labeled a wacko in name only, or WINO.

The party is currently being driven by rage and resentment almost as much as by corporate greed. Rush Limbaugh's bloated belligerence is the new face of the GOP. Some people apparently find it entertaining, but is that whose finger you want on the nuclear trigger? For years they've been wallowing in spite, to the nation's detriment. When President Obama is re-elected, may God grant them the serenity to get over it. — Michael Steely, Medford

Until the Penn State scandal, I thought Washington, D.C., was the biggest cesspool in our country.

When Mike Burrill Jr. was asked "How do you think the sex abuse scandal at Penn State will affect Joe Paterno's legacy," his answer covers all of those involved in this scandal, I believe.

Mike said, "He spent his career in a position that gave him the opportunity to help kids and young adults. Then he turned his back on the ones that needed him the most. That is the way he will be remembered."

So well said! — Ella Cross, Jacksonville

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