Again I feel the danger to America when the President travels around the world apologizing for the United States and blaming Congress (in great detail) for the failure of his programs. With his great egotism, he isn't willing to listen to possible alternatives — it has to be his way or no way.

Elections are coming up. Think carefully, listen and consider what's best for our way of life and the future of our children. — Sue Cobun, Central Point

We have not seen the smiling faces of representatives cutting ribbons lately. Probably it is because what projects were completed were part of the "stimulus," and presidents get credit only for what goes wrong.

Representatives take credit for what they "did for us lately." After all, they like to be re-elected each second year. In order to take the credit, they have to kowtow to the "leadership," sometimes against the social conscience they once may have had. And we applaud: We are all on the take.

As a man of advanced age, I receive letters from AARP asking me for money and a signature on a petition, saying in effect: "Mess with our benefits over our dead bodies." It is a strong bargaining position: you give, we take. Social conscience anyone? Now is a good time. — Hans Stroo, Medford

As part of the Talent/Phoenix Ford Institute Leadership Class, we have chosen projects that acknowledge each city's unique identity, culture and history by creating a community mural in Talent and a community bandstand in Phoenix. To raise money for these projects, we held a fundraising gala on Nov. 5.

We are grateful to the many businesses and citizens who donated their time, talents and treasures for a fun and inspiring evening. Due to their dedication, we met our fundraising goal, enabling the award of matching funds from the Ford Institute for Community Building. This means the bandshell and mural are moving to the next phase and will begin construction soon.

We celebrate the community spirit shown by the stakeholders to help create vibrant and vital areas in which to live. With the bandshell and mural, Phoenix and Talent will have attractions that will truly draw people together. — Carrie Prechtel, Talent

On Nov. 12, the Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club hosted the Harlem Ambassadors professional show basketball team for a night of high-flying slam dunks, hilarious comedy and feel-good family entertainment.

The Harlem Ambassadors would like to extend a special thank you to event organizers Art Lumley and Gary Collins, who planned and promoted the game. The Rotary Challengers proved to be an energetic and enthusiastic challenging team, and we thank all of the players for their good sportsmanship.

The event would not have been possible without the support and generosity of local community sponsors, the Jacksonville-Applegate Rotary Club members and the event volunteers. The Harlem Ambassadors thank the community of Medford for its warm hospitality and look forward to returning to Medford in the future. — Dale Moss, Harlem Ambassadors president, Fort Collins, Colo.

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