Here's a word about airport tower advertisements: tacky.

Trouble conceptualizing "tacky?" View the photo of the B of A banner on an 81-year-old bridge house on Chicago's Wabash Avenue Bridge on the business page of Wednesday's Mail Tribune. My friend who works for an airline tells me it is not tower advertising that will generate more flights to Jackson County, but consistent travelers to fill more planes.

Please leave the stellar new tower alone. — Gail Beason, Talent

Here's why Americans have taken to the streets:

NAFTA "outsourced" millions of our family-wage jobs; the 2000 presidential election was stolen; the 2001 inauguration demonstrators were herded into wire-mesh "free speech zones"; huge tax cuts for the 1 percent were shoved through Congress; the Medicare drug plan turned out to be a gift to the drug companies; we were lied into two wars, fought on borrowed money and at the cost of 4,000 Americans' lives; and deregulated bankers caused a near-depression, were bailed out and then gave themselves million-dollar bonuses.

The savings of millions were stolen while their mortgages went "under water" and homes foreclosed, the earned rights of seniors (Social Security and Medicare) were put up for trade for more tax cuts for the 1 percent, 30 years of GDP growth ended up in the bank accounts of the 1 percent, Congress largely became a club of new millionaires on the payrolls of lobbyists, corporations were made equal to American citizens and our chance for a national health care system was bargained away to become a gift to the insurance companies.

Are we angry? You bet! Occupy Wall Street is the first step to straighten out this mess. A long, hard fight has begun. — Bruce Barnes, Ashland

When President Kennedy told a large German audience "Ich bin ein Berliner," the Germans politely overlooked the fact that he had just told them that "I am a small jam doughnut." Our media also overlooked it.

When Sen. Barack Obama said he had campaigned in 57 states and still had one to go, our media again were silent.

This is the same media that burned Dan Quayle for 20 years because he added an "e" to the word "potato."

Now Rick Perry is being burned because he couldn't remember the word "energy."

The first two examples were both Democrats, and the next two examples are both Republicans. If you don't see a trend, perhaps you're qualified to be a mainstream news reporter. — Ron Smith, Medford

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