Taking pictures of the materials sold at a scrap yard would be a logical conclusion for anyone. If your recycling yard is not taking pictures, then perhaps they do not have your best interests at heart.

If you have materials that could be stolen, I suggest that you, as an owner, take digital pictures. This would greatly aid law enforcement agencies.

It also helps us — a generic description of "car battery" is not sufficient. — Michael Melton, White City Metals & Supply

Thought about a letter to the editor about the idea of trying to float three bond measures, but believe wiser heads will prevail by prioritizing and putting the police station as the number one and only.

But Friday topped it! Airport tower "branding?" Only if each council person is required to wear a sign board stating the same message. Mayor Wheeler is excused because obviously he didn't have a vote.

From the cuckoo's nest ... — Bob Higgins, Medford

Aren't the holidays supposed to be friends and family times? Times to be thankful for your loved ones?

Instead we get holiday ads inundating us even earlier this year — on television, in magazines, in newspapers. Merchants just keep pushing to grab each and every customer they possibly can. Is the almighty buck so important that employees need to go to work in the middle of the night to stock the shelves and ring up the sales? Is the dollar more important than your employees' happiness and well-being?

And the rock-bottom economy will ensure that employees are working because they can't afford to turn down the hours, which in many cases are mandatory, I'm sure.

Where will it end? I foresee retailers being open 365 days a year, 24/7. Just think, you'll be able to open your gifts on Christmas and return them the same day.

Enough is enough. No product in this world is so important that a consumer needs to go shopping at midnight. Not only is the consumer away from family but he or she is tacitly agreeing with store management about store employees being away from their families to serve them. — Cheryl Stout, White City

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