Capitalism is the best way for working humans to expand their riches, which is why the communists are moving toward it. Politics and the economy are synonymous with each other. Congress can regulate the corporation and restrict its influence. If the top CEO could only make the equivalent of 20 times the lesser wage earner of the corporation (say a janitor making $40,000 a year), that would be a start.

Occupy Wall Street was a joke; fools, bums, deadbeats and trouble-makers. — Brad Martinkovich, Medford

Medford will lose tax revenue on 30 acres of undeveloped land bordered by Spring Street, Donahue-Frohnmayer Park, Keene Way and McAndrews. If all 30 acres were developed as SFR4 with an assessed value of about $160,000, about $300,000 could be generated yearly in property taxes ($2,500 per home). If all 30 acres were developed as SFR6, about $450,000 could be generated in property taxes.

If the Housing Authority of Jackson County moves forward and develops their six acres, the property taxes in the future years will be zero. HAJC does not pay property taxes on its properties, and no one will build a private home next to a 100-unit apartment complex. If the Cherry Creek Project is allowed to continue, the entire 30 acres will become low-income housing and generate zero property tax revenue for the City of Medford.

We the citizens of Medford need to unite and find some way to stop the Cherry Creek Project. Your property taxes go up to compensate for those properties that pay no taxes. — Jim and Helen Badger, Medford

Recent letters to the Mail Tribune extol the virtues of the United Nations. In actuality, there is nothing virtuous about it! Isn't it time to start standing up for the sovereignty of America, the preservation of our constitutional republic (no we aren't a democracy, but a republic), and for the withdrawal from this international socialist/globalist cartel?

Consider the recent movie "Whistleblower." In the 1990s, a woman police officer from Lincoln, Neb., was sent as a U.N. peacekeeper to Bosnia. While deployed she discovered and rightly exposed the sex trafficking of teenage girls and young women who were being exploited by other U.N. peacekeepers in the most vile, immoral, and degrading ways. Why are the feminists and women's groups who seem to hate men silent and passive about this? Why?

The obvious answer is for the United States to expel the United Nations. See www.getusout.org. Also, the platform of the Constitution Party of Oregon at www.constitutionpartyoregon.net advocates the same.

The Bible states: "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." — 1 Thessalonians 5:3 — James Farmer, Ashland

VFW Post 1833 and the Ladies' Auxiliary want to thank all the people who supported the Buddy Poppy Program. The veterans appreciate your giving for such a good cause.

Also thank you Walmart, Food 4 Less, Sherm's, Bi-Mart and Safeway for allowing us to stand in front of your places of business. — Muriel Gallo, Medford

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