The national forest system was developed for recreation opportunities as well as for habitat. The worst idea I have heard lately is to boycott the Mt. Ashland Ski Area, a premier recreation site. The Mount Ashland expansion project has gone through the entire lengthy and expensive National Environmental Policy Act process, and the Record of Decision determines it is environmentally sound, yet the naysayers keep repeating the same old tired arguments, and now one calls for boycott.

Supporting the Mt. Ashland Association and the expansion will not only provide a much safer recreational experience, but will also help create new jobs and help the economy of our region. Let's remove the roadblocks and start this very environmentally and economically sound project and investment. The permit should be with the Mt. Ashland Association and the work started. I'm sending my support for the Mt. Ashland Association and helping to get the project started. As a senior citizen, I need some gentler slopes. — Sue Kupillas, Medford

The impact of removing four perfectly sound hydroelectric dams on the Klamath river is a horrible idea. It would hurt the fish (lack of water in August), jobs, recreation, farmers, ranchers and all people who use this low-cost electricity, much less the impact on an already fragile financial system. Ask yourself what would happen to everyone down river from Lost Creek Dam if it should be destroyed? If Medford pumped as much water out of the river as we do now in summer months, you'd be able to easily walk across the river below the pumping station.

The following statements say it best:

"The decision to remove the dams is political, not based on science nor economics." — State Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls.

"Removing four perfectly good hydroelectric dams is insane." — U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif.

Water behind a dam is like money in a bank, it's there when you need it. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

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