After reading the recent stories regarding the misconceptions of sewer to storm drains and vice versa, I have found myself compelled to respond. First let me disclose that I am a plumber and plumbing contractor. The recent stories state that the sewer and storm piping connections were made by plumbers; this simply is incorrect.

You see, many years ago, probably more than 15 years, all sewer and storm drain piping outside of the building footprint was the realm of licensed plumbers. But around the early to mid '90s, general contractors were able to lobby the building code agencies and remove the requirement to have licensed plumbers install building sewers and storm drain systems. You see, we were just too expensive and we drove up the price of building a home or commercial building.

The reality is that these connections have been made by the builder himself, one of his laborers or his excavation contractor, but not his plumber. After all, why pay a licensed plumber $65-$95 an hour when I can pay my laborer $7 an hour? it's just a PVC pipe.

In closing, I would just like to say "pay me now or pay me later." — Ted Curtius, president, Curtius-Huntley Plumbing Inc.

I have seen Jacksonville Police Chief David Towe on television several times, with each appearance giving me the impression that Towe is a personable, community-oriented kind of officer. My suspicions were confirmed this week, when unfortunately for me, I was pulled over for driving too fast in the outskirts of Jacksonville. Without being "preachy" or condescending, Chief Towe merely offered me a warning about my speed and sent me on my way. It is nice to have local law officials in our area who understand the spirit of Southern Oregon.

Our heritage here is one of independence, tucked away in a valley far from the hectic and impersonal nature of the big city. It should be important to each of us that our public officials reflect this spirit, and I'm happy to say that Chief Towe seems to be doing exactly that. I am looking forward to my next drive through Jacksonville — a drive that will be a bit slower than the last one. — Anthony Nunez, Central Point

I am writing to express my opposition to the imposition of Cherry Creek development, a large, high-density apartment complex in the middle of my neighborhood. In September the Medford City Council voted to not allow this development. Now the Housing Authority of Jackson County is appealing that decision to the state Land Use Board of Appeals.

I am at once appalled and angered by this action. I think it is outrageous that the Housing Authority should flaunt the will of local citizens as expressed in the decision of the City Council. I have to wonder just who the Housing Authority thinks it is representing? I urge you to lend your support to this opposition. — Samuel Glidewell, Medford

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