If you believe as many do that the McPhail makeover was way too extreme, don't watch the show on Friday, Oct. 28.

Instead of watching, volunteer at a hospital or a shelter (human or animal), read to a senior, write to "any soldier" in a war zone. Collect food or toiletries to donate to ACCESS, the Maslow Project, or any of the other fine groups in our community. Do whatever feels right.

By tuning out this boondoggle and giving of yourself you will send a very clear message to the producers of this show: Almost 5,000 sq.ft. paid for on 50 acres for a small family of five is ludicrous when there are families struggling everywhere. In a community where families (yes, with children) live on the streets or in cars because they cannot even afford rent, this is just wrong.

I, and many others, already volunteer. More are always needed. If everyone offended by the McPhails' unnecessary mansion tuned out and volunteered just those two hours, it could be the beginning of a really extreme makeover — turning our entire valley into a place where all who truly need are not overlooked. — Brenda White, White City

It was very good that Joor Bol brought up the preamble to our Constitution (Oct. 20), but he failed to connect the dots between the two.

The preamble explains the very reason why the Founders (and citizens) undertook a revolt against the tyranny of England and then set forth to establish a new union of sovereign citizens and states under the strictly limited and defined powers that the Constitution grants to the government. They had just broken free from an overweening, dictatorial and rapacious government that offered them no representation, taxed them mercilessly and limited their ability to live and work without a heavy and ever-present hand over them.

The preamble beautifully explains why the Constitution lays down the few and clearly enumerated powers that we the people have granted to our government, not how government should go about ensuring our domestic tranquility and promoting our general welfare. It says, in effect, "in order that we may live in peace and not under the thumb of a dictatorial and unresponsive government, we are laying down this new law that provides for a limited government of the people, by the people, and for the people." — Oscar Zuniga, Medford

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