Surely Obama "mis-spoke" when he said, "The U.N. is not the venue for Palestinian statehood."

The U.N. was founded in 1945 precisely to assist national conflicts to be resolved without recourse to war. Indeed, the USA led in affirming that this was so.

For Obama to believe such a statement is on a par with two other presidental candidates, one of whom denies the scientific basis for global warming and the other for evolution. — Donald A. Wells, Medford

Because of the Southern Oregon community, this year's Mayors United on Sept. 17 will help provide 150,000 meals to feed the hungry. This year's event was a big success, and the entire ACCESS family would like to thank the community for its participation. This event combined a fun evening of entertainment, appetizers and a silent auction to raise money to feed the hungry here in Jackson County.

For every dollar donated, ACCESS is able to provide five nutritious meals to feed those in need through the Food Share Network of 25 food pantries.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in this community event! Please visit www.accesshelps.org for other ways you can help out in your community. — Logan Bell, ACCESS development manager, Medford

Since my guest editorial in April 2008, "Shady Cove needs new civic leadership," we have gotten new leadership. However, the powerful political machine has seen to it that nothing has essentially changed.

From charter violations to questionable use of the executive session, it continues to be business as usual here. Most recently, one of our newly elected councilmen chose to submit testimony in a land-use hearing that any reasonable person would consider prejudicial. Such strong language as "protest" and "strongly urge that another opinion be obtained" are but a few examples of the tone of this submission.

Every land-use application that comes before the city has the potential to be heard by the council at some point, and state law has memorialized case law from 1973, which holds that parties in a quasi-judicial land-use proceeding have a right to a decision by a "tribunal which is impartial in the matter." Complicating all this is the fact that the submission was made anonymously and only when the Planning Commission insisted that the author be identified was the identity of the council member made public. Does that sound like an open and transparent process?— Jane Hagan, Shady Cove

This past Sunday the Rogue Valley witnessed the first of a planned annual Rogue Half Marathon. It was a classic success, and our valley owes special thanks to Darren Ravassippour and David Wright for managing this wonderful event.

The run-walk from Talent to the fairgrounds along the Greenway was a beautiful experience for all participants. There were countless courteous and friendly volunteers all along the run, providing necessary water and some surprises — Jelly Belly jellybeans, licorice and gummy bears. A most special thanks goes to all the thoughtful people who worked so hard to make it such an astounding success and pleasure for all participants. We all should be thankful and grateful for a valley filled with such special people to support such an event and make it the success it was. — Ronald G. Worland, Medford

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