So what if the Jacksonville Citywide Garage Sale weekend is becoming a bit of a town traffic inconvenience? The Britt Festivals, which started very small, have become a huge event that is a traffic inconvenience that residents have to put up with all summer long.

For Jacksonville to bend over intimidatingly forward to write 91 tickets on the single weekend that brings the most people to town is about as wise as bending over backward to close off the main street so a Hollywood "reality" extreme home makeover show production team can do a cheesy photo op for their program. Which, incidentally, has absolutely nothing to do with Jacksonville.

Come on Jacksonville, there are still a lot of residents who want to do small-town things like make a few extra bucks and hang out with neighbors at the annual yard sale. Everyone knows cars park weird on the roads at garage sales, and I have yet to read about a garage sale parking fatality. We ain't a fake Napa-Mayberry yet. We're a real town with real people living here — at least I hope so. — Leona Sewitsky, Jacksonville

Attention to the persons who own the property that was planned for the Cherry Creek apartment complex: A better use for the land would be to build senior, single-family, one-level houses with zero lot lines with a patio and double garages.

Many seniors would love to own and live in a senior complex without maintenance fees. They have similar housing in Sun City, Ariz., and they are great for retired seniors on a fixed income who can't afford to live in assisted living but want to remain independent. — Virginia Burket, Medford

If I read another letter to the editor promoting the virtues of the so-called "fair" tax, I will be convinced that writers to this newspaper who embrace such dribble have yet to take (and pass) a course in kindergarten Economics 101.

The "fair" tax is nothing more than a regressive sales tax that will cost most of us a higher percentage of our incomes. It should be called a "fare" tax, which means it will benefit only those with the highest incomes, and that does not include most of the population of Southern Oregon and elsewhere. It's promoted by the wealthy or the economically ignorant. The value added tax (VAT) is no different.

About a year ago, I wrote a "guest column" in this newspaper regarding the unfairness of the "fair" tax. I tried to explain it, by examples, in a manner that even a fifth-grader should have understood.

And please don't direct me to a website that says anything different. Snake-oil salesmen and politicians always seem to prey by making the implausible seem truthful. — Rob Morgan, Eagle Point

With President Obama's request for higher taxes on the wealthy we hear the familiar wail from the Republicans: "class warfare!" They seem unable to comprehend that if there ever was a "class war," it was over long ago and the wealthy have already won.

Many responded to Warren Buffett's statement that the wealthy should pay more that he go ahead and pay more. Once again reality escapes them. They fail to understand that good government is the result of community effort, not a one-man operation. — Harlan Moore, Medford

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