The extreme home makeover filled our valley with hype and drama. And then they left.

Some people complained, stating that Habitat for Humanity could have built several homes for the same money. Probably so, but I hope to see a ripple effect from the Extreme scenario. Pockets opened to a need, and hopefully that need stirred hearts to the point that folks will continue to be generous.

Was our valley, hard hit in these economic times, reminded what a blessing it is to share with others? I would like to think so. For one thing, more people are now aware of Habitat and its work.

Sometimes it takes a little Hollywood hype to rouse us from our little world and urge us reach out. — Lynn Leissler, Eagle Point

At 6 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2007, Teri Jo died of cancer. Not yet 50, she is gone.

Early detection might have saved her. A more aware husband might have saved her by being involved in making sure she was getting her checkup.

Just ask your gal today when she last had one, and if due, take her. Be a real man and ask her because you care and want her around.

It's been four years now, and she isn't coming back. A woman just needs to know you love her, so ask and take her. Share the joy of a clean bill of health, and be there to support her if needed.

When she says, "You don't have to go," take her by the hand and tell her, "Yes Honey, I do." — Ricky Boyd, Medford

This is in response to Pat Boone's assertion that, on a recent trip to Kenya, he was told that President was born in Kenya and not in the United States.

Pat Boone was an insult and bootlegger when he tried, rather pitifully, to sing Little Richard's songs back in the '50s and, in my opinion, he is still an insult and still a bootlegger. — Lindsay Paulk, White City

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