In addition to a salary of $170,060 plus all the other perks that Jackson County Administrator Danny Jordan gets, he also gets a $1,000 monthly housing allowance? Excuse me?

That's what folks living below the poverty level are supposed to get. We taxpayers foot the loan to provide him with a $654,000 home, and then we also give him a housing allowance to make the monthly payment? Regardless of the fact that such loans may be common in the corporate world, and regardless of the fact that Jordan is regarded as a "dynamic and accomplished administrator," which I have no doubt that he is, why is Danny Jordan not saying "No, thank you" to this completely unnecessary practice?

Perhaps he could offer this $12,000 a year to the Jackson County General Fund, for example, to help support county libraries? I find these so-called "benefits" highly offensive. — Ginger Rilling, Medford

Even though America's beginning resulted in bondage to England and then rebellion from her, the Lord allowed us to flourish as we applied biblical principles in our daily lives and we sent missionaries to spread the Gospel throughout the world. But, in our generation we have reversed all the good our forefathers have done by rejecting the one who made our nation great.

Some say it's too late — our nation is plunging into oblivion. I'm not sure about that, but I do know that God either pours out a blessing upon a nation or judgment. It's obvious to me that judgment has already begun and it's very visible.

We must not close our eyes to the signs of the times or the prophesied events that would usher in the New World Order (Revelation, Chapter 13). I do believe America is in the first two stages (dependence and moral decay) of a sequence that great nations go through before going back to bondage. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

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