My fellow countrymen, class warfare brought about representative democracy as we know it. You got a problem with that? Republicans want to avoid class warfare? To quote a billionaire Republican, "Bring it on" — Tom Espinosa, Medford

I have had good luck spraying the caterpillars and their webs with a pressure spray of water. — Barbara McMillin, Medford

Thanks to Anne Littleton for her Sept. 15 letter, reminding us of all the excellent local community service organizations that do not get "Extreme" publicity, but deserve of our support. Now that cameras and excitement are gone, Habitat for Humanity, Rogue Valley is here year-round, building three to four nice, modest homes yearly for other deserving families who need help improving their lives.

Families are qualified by need and must put in "sweat equity." They also must pay a mortgage, which then goes to help build more homes. There is no assistance from outside or Habitat International, so our local Habitat depends on the generosity of community individuals, businesses, organizations and churches to accomplish the great work they do.

As a recent ex-board member, I know how much that generosity is needed and appreciated by the 40 families we have helped into greatly improved living conditions.

If you want to see some of our homes, No. 41 is in construction and you can donate, volunteer or find out more at Habitat's new location in the ReStore at 2233 S. Pacific Highway, or call 541-779-1983. While there, you will no doubt find great bargains in the ReStore's recycled merchandise. — Dan Davis, Central Point

"Welcome Home" (Sept. 15) to yet another short-sighted extravaganza buoyed up by high-pitched emotions, tear ducts exploding and TV hype.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" casts yet another spell through a banner headline and front-page article shouting news about the mega-mansion built for a "deserving" family right here in Medford, and so we ask ourselves: Why couldn't a dozen equally deserving families enjoy middle-class homes for the price of this one mansion? If the taxes are a hardship, why not have the Ringmaster of Hype, Ty Pennington, lend a hand? — Anna Lich and Peter Nemzek, Ashland

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