Leonard Pitts, writing about the impending execution of Troy Anthony Davis in Georgia, presented a skewed perspective on the strength of the case against Davis.

Contrary to Pitts'assertions, there was physical evidence establishing that Davis murdered officer Mark MacPhail. Davis was convicted of another shooting, on the same day that MacPhail was killed. Shell casings in each shooting were identical.

The trial jury was composed of seven blacks and five whites. Twenty-nine judges, including those of the U.S. Supreme Court, have re-examined the evidence, the testimony and the so-called recantations. The Georgia Board of Parole, after careful review, once again, has determined that the evidence presented in the original trial clearly established Davis' guilt and that the so-called "recantations," prompted by anti-death penalty lawyers, are unconvincing.

The parole board has, in the past 10 years, granted three commutations of capital sentences due to evidentiary problems. With three new members recently added to the board, the trial evidence was examined once again and the board was not persuaded by the claim that Davis was unjustly convicted. Unfortunately, Mr. Pitts has been influenced by numerous anti-death penalty groups and celebrities weighing in on this case. — Brian Nicholson, Medford

What's with this administration? Throwing half a billion dollars down the drain for a "photo-op" and then having the loan subordinated to fat cat investors ... unbelievable!

The American people mean nothing to them. Reward the campaign contributors at all costs and to heck with everyone else.

How many "shovel-ready" jobs were completed or even started? Not many if he keeps announcing them every year. The ones I heard about in the Bay Area consisted of a dozen men standing around a road project not doing much of anything but, boy, they were getting paid with our money.

It's all about getting re-elected. Obama has never stopped campaigning since he was sworn into office.

The administration has nothing positive to run on so look for the entire campaign to be horrendously negative against any and all opponents. The more personal the derogatory statements the better for the campaign.

Truth will have nothing to do with anything. Just get the message out.

And the new jobs bill? Sounds exactly like the health care fiasco ... Approve it immediately, then I may tell you what's in it and how much it will cost. — P. Moran, Medford

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." — J. Wellington Wimpy, 1932

"I'll gladly promise you spending cuts Tuesday for more spending today." — B. Obama, 2011 — H.L. Castleberry, Medford

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