Regarding Sheriff Winters and his appeal on concealed weapon permits and marijuana users, Sheriff Winters was voted into office by a majority who felt that he would concern himself with your safety and well being, and enforce the laws of this state of Oregon.

How about leaving him alone, and let him do the job he was elected to do. — Mary Anne Peterson, Jacksonville

Concerning "Our View" Aug. 19, "Cheers and jeers," condemning Gov. Rick Perry for not embracing evolution and climate change, which has, of course, been proven by scientific consensus! Creation is "old school thinking," no longer taught to our children in our public schools.

Please explain the complexity of the human eye and just how it evolved. At one time "scientific consensus" said the sun revolved around the earth, except for Galileo, who was "forced" to change his mind.

The eye is beyond human explanation, with its 370 million light cells per square inch. How do millions of connections between the eye and the brain meet, allowing sight?

How did the computer-like code in DNA originate? A pinhead-sized volume of DNA contains specific, yet different information, equivalent to a stack of paperback books 500 times as high as the distance from the earth to the moon! Who encoded or encodes that information? If not a creator, then who or what did? — K. Millard, Medford

In reponse to Jeff Palmer's letter, "City of whiners:" I don't think the issue with the resurfacing of Medford streets was the amount that was paid, but that the work was poorly executed and the finished product is substandard.

To insult the citizens of Medford by calling them whiners because they questioned the quality of work provided by the contracter is uncalled for. I personally feel no matter what price the city paid for the road resurfacing the expectation should have been that we would be provided with quality work. That was not the case.

Maybe we'll send these folks over to do some work at Mr. Palmer's house. — Claudia Viets, Medford

The Rotary Club of Central Point and the Crater Foundation recently held an event to hand out school supplies to students K-12 in the Central Point School District. This year 563 students were given supplies to start the school year.

The event would not be possible without the additional support from the following: Cow Creek Indian Foundation, West Family Foundation, New Car Owners Association, Premier West Bank, Grange Co-op, Fidelity Print Quick, State Farm Insurance and Heather Moore. This support is greatly appreciated. — Candace Manary, Medford

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