When all else fails, appoint a committee.

It seems Congress has failed, so naturally they appointed a committee. Wouldn't it be amazing if Congress did its job and every congressman came up with a plan to cut expenses? They know where all the money has been spent. They authorized every dollar.

Many plans may be confusing, but at last we would have something to work with. A solution would be in there.

We, the people, know the problems. It would be great if Congress listened to us.

All we hear are complaints about how we got into this mess. Everyone is blamed, from George Bush to George Washington. What does that have to do with solving the problem today?

Congressman, what did you do yesterday to solve the problem? What did you do today? What are you going to do tomorrow?

We need a today plan. A five-year or 10-year plan doesn't put food on the table today.

Congress, do your job. Don't put our future in the hands of people appointed by you.

By the way, Mr. President, I haven't intentionally overlooked you. Where is your plan? — Hugh Hendrickson, Phoenix

It seems every time a person is suspected, but not convicted, of committing a felony, that the news reports the amount of, probably legal, ammunition and guns he had in his home. However, if a person is stabbed, or beaten with a baseball bat, do they tell how many knives and bats were on the premises, and then proceed to confiscate them before a conviction? Like they do guns and ammunition. What is next?

If a person is arrested for being drunk and disorderly, is the news about to report the amount of booze he owns? What a person legally owns (taxable property not withstanding) is, in my opinion, his private possessions, and unless these items are used in a felony crime, they should remain private.

It seems to me that this kind of reporting is just another attempt to make all gun owners into some kind of undesirable citizen. —Tom Rice, Medford

It was good to read the article about Dr. Don Mitchell in the Tribune Friday. I remember a very pleasant evening spent in their home in the '80s watching a slide show.

Dr. Mitchell not only taught at SOU, where two of my children had him as an instructor in biology, he was a member of the school board who had hired my husband as superintendent of the Phoenix-Talent School District. Don had had a sabbatical leave in the Galapagos Islands filming the mating of sea turtles. He spent many hours on his stomach filming this very slow process.

My son also enjoyed a hike down the Rogue River Trail with Dr. Mitchell as the teacher of a biology class he was taking. — Clarice Mayfield, Medford

Soldiers are often desensitized to the act of killing by exposure to, and use of, derogatory terms so that the enemy is marginalized, demonized and dehumanized.

The left attacks the tea party with highly inflammatory terms. It's similar to swearing to cover up for a lack of an adequately intelligent response.

Like frustrated schoolyard bullies, they unashamedly cry "terrorists," "hostage takers," "cannibals," "aliens," "delusional," "psychotic" and "addicts." Their incendiary attacks are nothing less than menacingly dangerous. It goes far beyond political mudslinging. It demonizes, marginalizes and dehumanizes tea party participants.

The left also constantly beats the drum of class warfare, implying that only uncaring, politically connected Republicans and corporations are wealthy. Many of the rioters involved in the recent violence in England indicated that they were targeting the rich.

The left espouses an anti-war posture, but apparently has no qualms using provocative accusations against rivals in their quest to destroy capitalism. The words "ominous" and "sinister" come to mind.

As America anguishes in uncertainty, only the God who created even those who choose atheism knows what the future holds. He is our only true hope as these massive storms threaten the very foundations of our nation. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

Three cheers! One to Rachel Collins for her loving, kindhearted care of kitties. One to Paul Fattig for writing a fact-filled, illuminating article about their plight. And the final to the editor or decision maker who published the story on the front page. Kudos to all and a huge thank you. — Sue Webb, Eagle Point

Rather than sit around whining, here's a simple housewife's solution.

Dump our tax code and replace it with a flat 15 percent. Anyone making over the poverty line, that's what you pay. No deductions, no exceptions. Corporate taxes, personal taxes, all 15 percent. That way you know what your tax liability is — period.

Next, you want to save Social Security and Medicare? Make all federal and state employees pay into it. No special medical or retirement for anyone. This way, the Senate and Congress will stop pilfering it. No more Tri-Care or pension funds handled by AIG as all you get is what most all of us have paid into.

Stop trying to civilize the world since it will never happen. Bring democracy to Third-World countries? Graft, corruption, inability to work together? Bring all our troops home as we certainly have brought "democracy" to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just look at what we've done for ourselves in the last 50 years. The best government big business can buy. Oddly enough, none of the elected officials I sent this to have bothered to respond to me. — Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

What would have liberals dancing in the streets? How about as much attention paid to the justice deficit as the financial deficit?

When the economy faltered in 2008, it was obvious that bailing out the "too big to fall" wasn't justice.

The details emerged that these "financial elites," after ceremonially taking a chainsaw to the regulation books, had built an enormous house of cards, consisting of derivatives, credit default swaps, dishonest housing loans and shaky investment schemes leveraged at 30 to one and more — all sold to the world as top rated.

This concocted economy dwarfed the real economy, and when it imploded the suffering began: pensions disappeared, jobs ended, 401(k)s shrank and the foreclosures continue.

The total theft is so enormous it makes the mafia look like grade school lunch bullies — truly it's "steal $50, go to jail; steal trillions, buy immunity."

So the masses suffer to legitimize the crimes of the financial elites—it's corruption, folks. — Doug McLeod, Medford

The Republican Party symbol has always been the elephant, a very smart animal that if need be could think for itself. The GOP used to be that way — 20 to 30 years ago, they would have a mind of their own and did what their voters wanted, not always along party lines.

I propose the GOP have a new symbol — the sheep. It fits the GOP perfectly: They only vote what somebody tells them, they sign pledges that some radical jerk tells them to, they only listen to Fox News with all their poison.

For example: When Limbaugh said, "I hope Obama fails," and that was before he had even taken the oath. Then there's Glenn Beck, like a first-grade teacher with his chalkboard, indoctrinating his "flock" daily with hatred.

The tea party group has almost, by themselves, brought this country to its knees, and as long as these people will not think for themselves, they will always be sheep. — Jim Bailey, Medford

Apparently it's entirely the fault of Fox News and the tea party that the debt fiasco occurred because 15 people were able to hold hostage 518 others (two vacancies).

How does that happen? It's ludicrous. It didn't!

Why is there never any mention of the fact that the liberals (i.e., Democrats) couldn't even bring to a vote the budget Obama wanted when they had total control of the entire Congress and White House?

They hate Fox News but can't support their own MSNBC. Don't like Fox, use the off switch. If they have such disdain for Fox why not just ignore the network? Don't they know that their rants just bring more people to watch and listen?

When your parents said "no," didn't you go right out there to find out what the big deal was? Most teenagers did, and that's just what's happening with the liberal press. They are bringing more people to watch Fox because of their constant harping about how terrible it is.

The main problem? They can't differentiate between Fox News and their commentary shows, i.e. Hannity and O'Reilly. They can't promote any calm, legitimate newscasts of their own, just vile negativity. — Pat Butler, Medford

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