In 1997 the state of Oregon was reviewing sites for a prison in Jackson County. One site was in White City, The other off of Foothill Road in Medford.

At the time there were two women very verbally against the site off of Foothill, as homeowners they were against the site near their property, but thought it just fine to put it in the White City area, close to guess what? Community members' homes, our home. But to them it was all right because it was not near their home.

And this is what I get from the proposed Cherry Creek complex neighbors. Oh, they see the need all right, just not in their neighborhood.

Well, I am sorry, but as a lifetime resident here in Jackson County I read the paper every day and no neighborhood is without its problems, with or without low-income housing. That is the saddest thing. — Anne Walker, Central Point

Recently I was witness to the disgraceful actions of the RVTD's operator for bus No. 3012, the route 10 leaving the Front Street station at 3 p.m.

The driver disrespected and then refused to allow a Marine Corps veteran with three purple hearts to use the bus, due to his licensed service animal. The bus driver had the security officer present check the man's service license for the dog, and then without any complaints from the passengers decided that he was unwilling to allow them to use the public transit system. — Laurence Cooper, Talent

When Standard and Poor's lowered the credit rating of the United States from AAA to AA+, the knee-jerk reaction from the White House was to attack the S&P move as being "fundamentally flawed."

Attacking the messenger is the same strategy that was used by the Clinton administration when Slick Willy was caught with his pants down.

The combination of attitude and ineptitude that we now have in this administration should be thought of as Jimmy Carter with fangs. — Ron Smith, Medford

Thank you to those who supported our yard sale for the Humane Society with their purchases and donations. Though some may feel that abandoned animals are not their responsibility, we are fortunate to live in a community where so many people are compassionate and caring. The Humane Society and the animal shelter need our support in these difficult financial times. — Vera and Bud Mahanay, Medford

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