In a letter to the editor published on Aug. 15, Ashland resident Phil Powell asked: How come there isn't solar all over Manor Hill?

While the Rogue Valley Manor has no plans to install solar panels "all over" Manor Hill, solar panels, as well as a number of other energy-saving technologies, are already in use on the Rogue Valley Manor campus.

In total, 90 panels are installed on the roof of the most recent addition to Manor Hill, the Manor Terrace. These 90 panels, along with an efficient building envelope and mechanical systems, allow us to operate the 125,000-square-foot Manor Terrace at no additional energy cost. During summer months our solar energy system also helps reduce our total energy consumption across campus.

Our valley moves toward a more sustainable energy future as residents and businesses focus on using less energy, using energy efficiently, and, when possible, using renewable energy sources. We hope Mr. Powell is happy to learn that atop Manor Hill we are focused on all three. — Eric Mineart, operations assistant, Rogue Valley Manor

If the only view one has of the tea party is from Leonard Pitts, it's no wonder people question the movement. Restating more accurately the tea party's positions: 1. "Government is the enemy." No, a very big government fraught with redundancies, many government agencies, etc., is the problem.

2. "Taxes are unpatriotic." No, the code needs revision, not more taxes added on to a code full of loopholes.

3. "Re-education camps are being built." Not that I know of, but his rhetoric might be an example of what they'd be teaching.

4. "Death panels are raiding senior centers." No, but there is concern about Obamacare's 'Expert Panel' and so much more that is clouded in the new health act.

5. "Obama wants to destroy the economy." No, but his ideas are anti-business, pro-spending and are certainly having that effect. They have just added to the burden begun under Bush.

If only Pitts would put aside his preconceived notions and try to understand why ordinary citizens, not politicians, started the movement. It has us talking debt reduction, tax reform and more. That's a good thing. — Lynda Saling, Medford

The time is 2014, and Congress has passed a "balanced" budget, cutting trillions out of federal expenditures.

Suddenly the Juan de Fuca plate ruptures, causing a 9.0 earthquake with a huge tsunami which devastates Portland and Seattle. Thousands are injured, property damage is immense.

A local government official calls the Federal Emergency Management Agency to ask for help. The telephone rings for a long time until a voice answers: "Yes, what do you want?" The local official explains the tragedy that has befallen Oregon. The voice listens but then interrupts the local official: "I understand your problem, but there is no money or personnel left in the agency. Congress wants the states to help themselves, to be self-reliant. Please do not call again, this number is being discontinued."

When you get what you ask for, you have to live with the consequences. — Frank Hieber, Medford

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