After another GOP walkout, President Obama asked rhetorically, "Can they say yes to anything?" Not to him. Their policy of being against whatever he's for has hampered and delayed our economic recovery. Now they don't even want to pay our bills because Obama says we should.

Republicans would rather plunge us into economic chaos than do anything he wants, no matter how necessary.

Obama's mistake has been treating them like grown-ups. He should have told them he wanted to default on our loans. Then they wouldn't have been able to raise the debt ceiling fast enough. — Michael Steely, Medford

While watching television, I saw a small clip with Rachel Maddow. She commented on how the past generations of this great land had built infrastructure such as our national highway system and Hoover Dam. She then asked, "What are we doing?"

The only answer that I could give went like this: We are letting our infrastructure crumble; we are destroying our public education system that, for decades, produced many of the brilliant minds we have today; we are protecting the banking industry that brought us the depression we find ourselves in today; we are abandoning our seniors and the very young through draconian cuts to much needed programs; we have spent well over $4 trillion, and still counting, on two unnecessary wars. We have a party that, in my opinion, would rather take this country down into the financial abyss than give our first black president any kind of political victory.

I hope things will change for the better, but I won't hold my breath. — Lindsay Paulk, White City

I am not sure whether the brand name company Arrow is still manufacturing men's shirts, but it befuddled me years ago when I read it sent its products to a foreign country for manufacturing.

Fast forward — my befuddledness turned to anger and outrage after I learned recently that many countries are making women's clothing, not just China and Japan. I recently altered several items of clothing for a friend and decided to look at the sewn-in tags: pillow cases made in India, knit blouses from the Philippines, sweaters from China, shirts from Bangladesh, blouses from Lithuania, sweatpants from Taiwan, pairs of slacks from China, Guatemala, Indonesia and Vietnam.

And we wonder where the jobs are for Americans.

We can even do without all those clothes in our closets, but what about more important necessities that support our families that are also sent overseas for production? Angry yet? — Elizabeth M. Brown, Talent

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