Is anybody else tired of conservatives rewriting history? In response to Charles Krauthammer's commentary (July 17), George W. Bush inherited one of the strongest federal balance sheets in postwar history and when he left office, the country was borrowing trillions of dollars. Under Clinton, there were record high surpluses and the Congressional Budget Office projected the federal government would be debt-free by 2009.

Instead of following Clinton's lead, Bush handed out huge tax cuts for the top 3 percent, including corporations that off-shore American jobs. Bush almost doubled the military budget, resulting in more debt and a$10 trillion deficit. Bush deregulated the financial and mortgage banking industries, resulting in the present recession. He then signed TARP to bail out the banks, borrowing yet more money. Obama inherited the largest economic disaster since the Great Depression.

The GOP's answer to all this is to cut program budgets, resulting in massive job losses. They have proposed nothing to create new jobs.

Solution: Return to the levels of taxation under which Clinton and a Republican Congress delivered a budget surplus, cut military spending; and a long-term budget crisis is averted. Stick with the Bush/ GOP tax cuts and we will get nowhere. — Andrew Kubik, Ashland

Wow. The full-page photo spread of the "10th Street Tragedy" was completely distasteful, Mail Tribune.

Most people would agree that this is an atrocious event (no matter the who, how and why of it), and lives lost deserve more respect than you have paid. Not to mention the respect that should be given to the emergency personnel in a crisis such as this; I'm sure no one really needs to see photographs of themselves fighting to save lives that could not be saved.

But, it's no surprise that this is the media's response to a tragedy — in a time where the saddest and most morbid tales make the biggest headlines, you've lived up to pathetic expectations. — Chamise Kramer, Talent

My first disappointment came when Sheriff Winters restricted letter-writing to and from inmates in jail. (I tried numerous times to contact him by phone and he was never available.) I found this new rule heartless during a time of stress in my family.

Second, he is spending thousands of our precious county dollars on lawyers and court fees (not public safety) for a personal vendetta with a woman who wants a weapon (gun) permit and she has a medical marijuana card. What about all the gun users that drink beer and go hunting? We need a sheriff with cleaner logic and no vendettas. — Marie Griffith, Phoenix

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