The answer is simple: End the Bush era tax cuts. End the Bush era tax cuts. End the Bush era tax cuts.

Repeat after me, end the Bush era tax cuts. That's worth a trillion dollars. See how easy? See how the billionaires cry? We, the people, should all scream, end the Bush era tax cuts! — Tom Espinosa, Medford

Any astute reader of any media formats has a assumption from a quote by Will Rogers, "The only thing I know is what I read in the newspapers."

This assumption is a deliberate carefully scripted falsehood. This assumption, from the media, that Obama is the forerunner of the Second Coming, is false. Yet the media will exult that he is president, you extol his lack of intelligence, negating his stupidity (an obvious example of the Scarecrow Syndrome), you do not have to be intelligent, all you need is a diploma, the backing of the unions and the media. Alas, Babylon! — J.A. Robinson, Grants Pass

I see the president has insisted on a tax on the wealthy as part of a debt ceiling deal. That won't help out controlling the debt, but it makes him feel good that he took a swing at that portion of America he dislikes the most — wealthy Americans.

I watched in amazement a couple of years ago when he proclaimed that Bill Gates had no right to all the money he has made from Microsoft. Bill Gates has done great things with his billions of dollars in the private sector, including making untold number of jobs.

Where are the president's accomplishments, except building a huge bureaucracy in Washington and working hard to kill the Boeing 787 plant that would provide thousands of badly needed jobs in South Carolina? Oh, I forgot, it is supposed to be a nonunion plant so that provides only bad jobs. — Lloyd N. Clodfelter, Medford

Much thanks to Drs. Tami Rogers and Bradford Frank at Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital for performing the necessary dental surgery for lab/border collie mix Sally from the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

Sally is up for adoption and could not previously be re-homed due to her dental problems that required three extractions. Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital did this service gratis (otherwise it would have cost over $300) and professionally.

Thank you again doctors and staff for supporting the homeless dogs at the shelter. Without the community volunteer support, many of these dogs would have to be euthanized instead. Sally is particularly adoptable now that she is feeling better. She is much more relaxed and chewing her toys much less. — Lisa A. Frost, FOTAS volunteer and Sally's foster mom, Ashland

My reverse namesake, Bill Hartley, needs to get his facts straight.

He accuses our president of failing to close tax loopholes, when it's Rep. Eric Cantor and tea party Republicans who've rejected that move as just another tax increase. In fact, that group apparently believes a default could be good for the nation, despite the wishes of most the electorate.

Seems Republicans are going to shove us into the abyss once again. — Hartley Anderson, Medford

Big Brother is watching you! And more importantly, he is hiding! I'm calling bull! How long are we going to let the Medford Police Department ride roughshod over our fair community?

If they want to photo-police us on our streets, the very least they could do is not hide among parked cars and garbage cans. They should be well marked and in an isolated, highly visible location. I'm asking you the community to write in with your anger about this egregious abuse of power. Enough is enough! — Tom Snow, Medford

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